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Keyboard and Sound Source

CELVIANO AL-150R Keyboard and Sound Source
All the brilliant sound and delicate touch of a fine piano, plus other features for the advanced pianist.
Stereo Sampled ZPI Sound Source
A new ZPI (Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation) sound source uses samples from the high range and low range of the keyboard, as well as separate samples for fortissimo and pianissimo timbres. This eliminates the need to calculate tones artificially, and ensures tones that are always clear, rich and authentic. All in 64-note polyphony, which provides plenty of margin when you need it.
New Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
The new Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard captures all the feel of a fine acoustic grand piano by creating a touch that makes lower notes play heavier than higher notes. The CELVIANO keyboard uses no springs, so key weighting is created by the hammer action itself, for greater acoustic authenticity. The result is a true and natural piano feel with a seamlessly smooth touch.