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CELVIANO AL-150R Specifications
Model AL-150R
Keyboard 88 keys with touch response (3 sensitivity levels, off), Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, Dual-color Key Lighting System
Polyphony (max.) 64 notes
Tones 271 [Tone List]
63 panel tones :
Stereo Grand Piano (stereo sampling),
Stereo Bright Piano (stereo sampling),
Stereo Mellow Piano (stereo sampling),
Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Mellow Piano,
Honky-tonk Piano, 2 octave Piano,
1 Octave Piano, Dance Piano, Strings Piano, Modern Electric Piano, Electric Piano 1, FM Electric Piano, Electric Piano 2, 60's Electric Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Synth-Strings Electric Piano, Harpsichord,
Coupled Harpsichord, Vibraphone,
Marimba, Clavi, Church Organ,
Chapel Organ, Percussion Organ 1,
Percussion Organ 2, Tremolo Organ,
Even Bar, Full Organ, 70's Organ,
Nylon Strings Guitar, Steel Strings Guitar,
Jazz Guitar, Clean Guitar, Acoustic Bass,
Ride Acoustic Bass, Fingered Bass,
Picked Bass, Fretless Bass, Slap Bass,
Synth-Bass, Strings 1, Strings 2,
Synth-String, Symphony Synth-Strings,
Choir Aahs, Synth-Voice, Warm Pad,
Square Wave, Sawtooth Wave,
Breathy Alto Sax, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax,
Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Oboe, Flute,
Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Trombone, Brass, Analog Synth-Brass
198 GM/variation tones,
10 drum sets
Rhythms 100 [Rhythm List]
69 standard patterns, 31 piano-based patterns
Auto-Accompaniments yes
Metronome 0, 2/4 to 7/4, 9/4, 12/4, 3/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 beats
Built-in Tunes 80 Music Library tunes (+ 10 user tunes)
Lesson Function Advanced Lesson System :
Dual-color Key Lighting System,
3 Arrangement Levels, Lesson Part selection,
3-Step Lesson, Hand Position Guide,
Voice Fingering Guide,
On-Screen Fingering Guide,
Music Library (80 built-in tunes, 10 user tunes),
Song Controller, Phrase Repeat feature
One Touch Preset 100 sets
Sequencer Real-time recording, 17 tracks (system track + 16 tracks), 10 songs;
capacity: approximately 15,500 notes (total for all user areas), quantize and punch-in capabilities
Digital Effects 32 :
8 Reverbs (Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, Stage, Hall 1, Hall 2, Delay, Pan Delay), 8 Choruses (Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Chorus 3, Chorus 4, Feedback Chorus, Flanger, Short Delay, Short Delay Feedback), 16 DSP (Reflection, Gate Reverb, Chorus, Ensemble, Delay, Cross Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Loudness, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Rotary, Distortion, Auto Wah, Ring Mod., Lo-Fi)
Mixer 31 parts (Group A: 15, Group B: 16)
Key Transpose -C to C to +C (semitone units)
Tuning Control A4=415.3Hz 6 to 440Hz to 466.2Hz (0.1Hz units)
Other Controls
Auto harmonaize
Temperament function: 7 types (equal temperament, just major intonation, just minor intonation, Pythagorean system, mean-tone system, Werckmeister, Kirnberger III)
Baroque pitch: on/off (on: A4=415.3Hz)
Stretch tune: on/off
Display Size 130 x 50mm (with backlight)
Floppy Disk Drive 2DD/2HD, SMF (format 0) direct play, data save/load (auto generation of fingering data)
Pedals 3 (soft, sostenuto, damper)
Terminals Phones x 2, TO HOST (with host select switch), Line in (L/Mono, R), Line out (L/Mono, R), Mic in (volume adjustment), MIDI IN/OUT
MIDI 16 multi-timbre receive, GM Level 1 compatible
Size : 16cm dia. x 2, 5cm dia. x 2
Amplifier : 30W + 30W
Power Supply AC household current using bundled AC power cord supplied with piano
(W x D x H)
1,415 x 538 x 864mm (including stand)
Weight 62kg (including stand)
Accessories AC cord, stand, score book,
floppy disk with 7 tunes included