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CELVIANO AL-150R Expandability
Floppy Disk Drive
Once you load SMF* data from a floppy diskette, you can use it just as you use built-in tunes.
You can play back data directly from a floppy diskette.
When data is loaded from a diskette and stored in the Music Library user area, it is converted to an original CASIO format.
After that, it can be used for 3-Step Lesson or one-hand lesson play. In addition, fingerings for the saved data can be generated automatically for display on the monitor screen, providing an important practice and lesson tool.
The AL-150R's Sequencer can be used to record performances as you play them. In addition to notes, the Sequencer stores tone, rhythm, tempo, and other data, which can be saved on a floppy diskette.
* Standard MIDI File. This is a standard data format that makes it possible for data to be transferred between devices of different brands.
Input/Output Terminals
TO HOST Terminal
Connection to a computer is quick and simple using a commercially available computer cable.
* With host selection switch. Windows support only. Connection to a Macintosh computer not supported.
MIDI IN/OUT Terminal
Connect to another MIDI device and you can play both devices at the same time, etc. Of course, the AL-150R is General MIDI compatible.
Microphone Jack
Connect a microphone and you can sing along through the AL-150R's speakers. A separate microphone volume adjustor is conveniently located next to the terminal.
Line In/Out Terminals
A variety of different applications are possible with these terminals. Connect for input from an audio amplifier and play ensembles through the AL-150R's speakers, or output to an external mixer or large speakers for stage performances.
Headphone Jacks
Connecting headphones automatically cuts off speaker output, so you can practice late at night without disturbing others. A pair of headphone jacks is provided, so two people can be plugged in at the same time.