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Advanced Lesson System

CELVIANO AL-150R Advanced Lesson System
Advanced Lesson System lets you select the lesson that matches your own particular skill level and needs.
What is Advanced Lesson System?
Once you select the lesson that matches your own individual skill level, you can play along with the built-in Music Library tunes or tunes imported from a floppy diskette. Advance at your own pace as you learn to play your favorite tunes.
While taking lessons, the CELVIANO provides you with important information and feedback, including dual-color key lighting, graphic and text information on a big monitor screen, and verbal information using a simulated human voice. The result is an advanced automated lesson system that soon has you well on the way to musical proficiency.
Arrangement Levels
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A number of the Music Library tunes come in three different "arrangement levels", one arrangement each for beginner and intermediate level musicians, in addition to the standard arrangement. You can select the arrangement that suits your particular needs.
*Some tunes have only one or two arrangement levels.
Lesson Part selection
You can select the right-hand part only, left-hand part only, or both hands as the "Lesson Part" and devote your practice to exactly the part you want. When you select the left-hand part as the lesson part, for example, the left-hand part is cut from the accompaniment and you can play along.
3-Step Lesson
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Simply follow the keyboard keys as they light the way to music proficiency. 3-Step Lesson can be used with any Arrangement Level and for any Lesson Part.
Guide Options
The new CELVIANO provides you with a collection of guide options that help you learn proper fingering and hand position techniques. Available options are Key Lighting, simulated human voice, and on-screen indicators.
Hand Position Guide
Dual-color key lighting indicates both hand position and keys you need to play. Keys to play light red, keys where your middle three fingers should be positioned light yellow.
*Available only when either right-hand or left-hand is selected as the lesson part.
On-Screen Fingering Guide
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This option displays fingerings on the display panel graphically. Fingerings are indicated on the screen (1: Thumb, 2: Forefinger, etc), along with required keyboard pressure, finger crossovers, and more.
Voice Fingering Guide
Voice Fingering Guide uses a simulated human voice to call out the fingers you need to use whenever you stop playing the proper notes of a song. Voice Fingering Guide says "One" to indicate the thumb, "Two" for the forefinger, and so on. Using Key Lighting to learn the notes and Voice Fingering Guide to learn the fingerings helps to promote proper form and style.
* Available when playing the right-hand or left-hand lesson part only, with Step 1 and Step 2 lessons. Available in English and Japanese only.
Music Library*
Song List
The CELVIANO's Music Library includes a choice of 80 tunes for lessons and your listening enjoyment, all of which were carefully selected to provide a collection of tunes suited to piano play (score book* included). User memory is also provided for storage of 10 of your own original compositions, or SMF data imported from an external source.
* Due to copyright restrictions, some of the Music Library tunes are not included in the score book.
Song Controller
Play/pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward controls for Music Library playback and lesson play let you control playback of songs with the same ease as a CD player or tape recorder.
You can even use a Phrase Repeat feature to select a specific musical phrase for repeat play and practice. You can repeat preset phrases or you can specify the start point and end point of the phrase you want.