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NEW! [EXILIM Engine]
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Resolution, response, and operating time. If these are the benchmarks by which today's digital cameras are judged, the new EXILIM PRO is one of the most advanced digital camera ever. A 7.2-million effective pixel CCD combines with 4X optical zoom to deliver images of amazing resolution and clarity. As the vanguard model of the EXILIM lineup, the EX-P700 features the very best in performance, function, styling, and ease of operation.
High Speed
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Regardless of how many features a digital camera has, speed is one of the most important considerations.
From startup, to Auto Focus, shutter release time lag, and more, EXILIM PRO is designed and engineered to provide the ultimate in nimble, high-speed operation. A high-speed continuous shutter lets you record up to five images at a rate of three images per second, even at maximum resolution. With the Multi Continuous Shutter mode, you can record 25 consecutive images with a single press of the shutter button.
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CASIO's original new Multi Bracketing feature lets you specify a variable setting and create multiple versions of the same image with a single press of the shutter button. You can specify one of a total of six different variables, including saturation and sharpness. In addition, three types of Auto Bracketing provide you with the means to vary exposure (EV value) and other settings as you record a series of consecutive images.
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The new EX Finder superimposes a wealth of imaging data over the image on the monitor screen. This provides you with an overview of all major image settings at a glance, and the means to change settings in an instant.
Various Functions
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EXILIM PRO is packed with a powerful collection of features and functions that provide you with the tools you need to record beautiful, high-resolution images. The EX key lets you configure settings with the touch of a button. A Manual Assist feature provides guidance that simplifies manual aperture and shutter speed settings. With the Best Shot mode, you can select the sample scene that is closest to the image you want to record, which will change the camera setup to record the type of image you selected.
Versatile Design
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EXILIM PRO body features an elegant, high-quality finish. Keys for manual settings and a highly intuitive controller button are carefully arranged on the back of the camera to keep everything you need just a click away.
System Configuration
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EXILIM PRO comes with a remote controller unit and a video cable for connection to a TV.
EXILIM PRO also supports use of optionally available conversion lenses and an external flash unit. You can use a USB cable to connect EXILIM PRO directly to a printer that supports PictBridge or USB DIRECT-PRINT for printing without going through a computer.
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