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CASIO Interactive Whiteboard < YA-W72M>


Digital Pen
159.5 mm × 20.5 mm × 18.2mm (Cap closed)
40g (Including battery and cap)
Decode Anoto Pattern
Radio frequency
Class 2 (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth version 2.0 standard, HID profile
Tested Bluetooth Stacks
Microsoft stack XP / Vista / Windows7
Power Source
One AAA-size Alkaline battery
Power on
Cap off
Power off
Cap on
Automatic power off
After 7.5 minutes of no operation activity
Operation Time
Approximately 6 hours (Continuous tapping of dot screen and / or printed document with special dot patterns.)
Standby Time
Approximately 150 hours (Cap removed)
Dot Screen
Effective Screen Size
1550 mm (W) × 970 mm (H) (72 inch wide screen)
3.1 kg (Including screen case)
Installation Type
Magnet sheet type
Screen Case
Carrying Case
Software Name
Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO *
System Requirement
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows ® 8 (English)
Microsoft Windows ® 7 SP1 (English)
Microsoft Windows Vista ® SP2 (English)
Microsoft Windows ® XP SP2 (32bit) (English)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz minimum
At least 1GB as well as memory recommended for the operation system being used.
Hard disk
More than 1GB
1024 × 768 (32-bit color) minimum
Direct writing on screen with digital pen or board marker
Mouse Control Mode, PowerPoint Control Mode, Presentation Mode, Capture & Draw Mode
Compliant with Microsoft Power Point 2003、2007、2010
Anoto print function (using Anoto qualified printer)
Simultaneous use of up to four digital pens (Presentation Mode, Capture × Draw Mode)
Variety of line drawing - Pen / Marker, Line Type, Color
Shape insertion, Image file insertion
Included accessories
DP-301 Anoto Digital Pen with stylus core
Test battery (AAA-size ×1)
Replacement stylus refill
Dot screen (Inside screen case)
Safety hook (prevents dropping of the dot screen)
Whiteboard markers × 3 (red, blue, black)
Melamine form eraser

* Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO, Dot Pattern Printer for CASIO and Operation Manual are downloaded from CASIO website.

* Dedicated software and drivers (Interactive Whiteboard for CASIO, Dot pattern Printer for CASIO) and the User's Guide can be downloaded from the Casio website.

  • Windows and Windows Vista are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation of the US registered in the US and other countries.
  • Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG., Inc.
  • Anoto is a registered trademark or trademark of Anoto Group AB (Sweden).


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