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Merchandise Management

Order taking

Use a handheld terminal for various purchase ordering tasks, including conventional ordering by scanning shelf price cards and data-based ordering to decide order quantities, referring to sales history and/or stock on hand.
This makes possible to reduce dead stock and sales opportunity loss by inputting proper order quantities while referring to actual sales quantities, recommended order quantities, and stock on hand displayed on a large screen.


Stock taking

Scan products on store shelves or in the stockroom and input actual stock quantity.
Stock taking can be performed by simply scanning shelf barcodes and inputting actual stock on hand. This makes possible dramatic reductions in human error and time compared to paper-based stock taking by visual inspection.


Inter-store transfers

When transferring products from stores with stock to stores with no stock, manage transfers by scanning products at the dispatching and receiving stores.
Error-free management of accurate stock position is possible.


Price mark down

When holding a discount sale, input new price information using handheld terminals, print price tags on portable printers, and attach them to products and display shelving.
This helps prevent input errors and unauthorised discounting at the cash register and makes possible management of sale results.


Price checking

Scan products on store shelves and check the consistency between product master information and price labels.
This eliminates complaints due to pricing errors at the cash register.


Mobile POS

Report information on sales amount and items sold to headquarters from event sites and small stores where POS systems cannot be installed.
This makes it possible to obtain accurate and timely sales information without installing POS systems or cash registers.


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