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DT-970 Series

DT-970 Series


The key design objective was to make a device that is easy to use in the workplace.

The design of the DT-970 handheld reflects the uncompromising pursuit of usability down to the smallest detail. The result is an ergonomic body design which is both comfortable to hold for everyone and yet still is capable of working in many tough environments where durability and reliability is required.
Introducing the DT-970 – A handheld terminal that makes ideas reality in the workplace.

Designed with the user in mind

In designing the DT-970, CASIO applied the human-centered design process with the aim of creating a tool that delivers true ease of use for men and women who are either left or right handed. The human-centered design process assesses the usability requirement by worker. Tests conducted via user analysis and user perceptions helps build a product that is both easy to hold and operate by the user.

A body shape optimized for holding

The DT-970's center of gravity is positioned for maximum stability when held in the hand.
Furthermore, the body shape allows the fingers to rest naturally and firmly on the dimples on the back of the device, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip. The design focus emphasized on making a device that is both secure and comfortable to grip. This allows for effortless, natural performance when performing a series of movements- such as grasping, lifting and gripping.

The shape of the case back allows the fingers to rest naturally and firmly, ensuring a stable grip. The terminal can be held comfortably with either an overhand or underhand grip, in the left or right hand.

Ingeniously designed for ease of operation

Thoughtful design details of the DT-970 ensure comfortable one-handed operation.
The unique shape of the case top promotes intuitive aiming of the scanner at the correct angle. Three scanning trigger keys are available to ensure reliable, comfortable scanning regardless of how the terminal is held, and the rounded case shape facilitates key operation.

Durability for use in highly demanding applications

The DT-970 was designed for use at a wide variety of worksites, including retail,manufacturing, distribution, and field operations. The device can resist drops from heights of up to 2.0 meters and can be used with confidence even in situations where rough handling is likely. They are compliant with IP67 * and can operate even in subzero temperatures (down to -20ºC). This means reliable performance in demanding environments, including outdoors in the rain and in dusty warehouses.

* No ingress of dust. No ingress of water even if temporarily immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure when all covers for connectors, etc. are closed. Dust and water resistance are measured using CASIO's testing method. Performance deteriorates due to aging and drop impact and is not guaranteed.

Drop durability test

Water proof test

Dust proof test

Excellent legibility and visibility for greater ease of operation

Keyboard designed for ease of operation

The large backlit keyboard ensures error-free operation even in warehouses and other dark places. Easily distinguished colors are used for the case and operation keys to further increase ease of use.

High-visibility large 2.3-inch LCD

Normal screen

Error screen

The DT-970 is equipped with a 128 x 128 dot 2.3-inch LCD backlit display. Display functions are supplied to allow for improved screen readability. Functions include enlargement of fonts on the display (double size) and the interlineation mode. The backlight of the screen can be set to flash red when an error occurs.

Operating performance to meet wide-ranging workplace needs

Power-saving design for long operating time

Continuous operation for up to 200 hours *1 with two AA-size alkaline batteries has been achieved,thanks to the power-saving design and effective power-management features employed in the DT-970.
Furthermore, the terminal can also be powered by two AA-size Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries *2 specified by CASIO.

*1 For use in scanning twice at 10-second intervals at room temperature
*2 Be sure to use a dedicated Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH) battery recharger. Rechargeable battery and recharger are not included with the product.

Models for different applications

Straight scanning

Downward scanning

Two models are available to suit different applications. Choose a model with a straight scanning angle or a downward scanning angle.

Prepared sample applications

To reduce the work required to develop specific operation applications, application templates for the DT-970 have been prepared for specific applications, such as management of goods in and out and controlling inventory.

High performance to support wide-ranging business operations

Scan angle control

This feature controls the laser beam width to prevent incorrect reading of adjacent barcodes, ensuring accurate speedy scanning.

High-speed file transfer for improved work efficiency

An original transfer method uses high-speed file transfer, reducing waiting time to send and receive data.

Convenient copying between terminals for use in maintenance operation

Terminal cloning using wireless communication (Bluetooth ® /IrDA) is supported. Create slave units when purchasing new or additional terminals. This feature is useful in a wide variety of maintenance situations, such as restoration of repaired terminals and replacement terminal setup.

Tablet linkage expands the scope of application

The DT-970 is equipped with Bluetooth ® HID profile, which makes it possible to create a wireless connection to tablets. Use a terminal to scan barcodes and link the scanned data to a tablet application.
This feature is useful in a variety of business operations, including customer service and process management. The terminal can be connected to a tablets USB port and used as a USB scanner.

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