The 1200 cd/m2*2 backlight of the EX-Z700's monitor screen improves readability, even under bright outdoor light. You can configure the camera to adjust screen brightness automatically in accordance with lighting conditions, or you can select one of three fixed brightness levels. The long battery life of the EX-Z700 means you do not have to worry about running down the battery due to a brighter monitor screen setting.
*1 Approximate; Compared with EX-Z500 *2 Approximate
Image blur due to hand or subject movement is virtually minimize thanks to faster shutter speeds that are enabled by the higher sensitivity of a new Anti Shake DSP (digital signal processor) built into the EXILIM Engine.
The effects of hand movement are reduced even when shooting indoors where lighting is dim.
The effects of subject movement are reduced for beautiful images.
Other Functions
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If the subject is in the range of 15 cm to 50 cm, for example, the camera will switch to the Macro Mode automatically, even if the Auto Focus Mode is currently selected. This helps to ensure that your images are always in focus and reduces the chance of focus error.
Forgetting to switch to the macro mode produces a blurred image.
Auto Macro switches automatically at close-up distances, which minimizes image blur.
You can create a multi-snapshot image by recording snapshots into the frames that are arranged in a preset pattern. This lets you create album-like arrangements of related images in a single image. BEST SHOT scene are available with three frames and two frames.
With in tracking, a boundary area follows a moving subject, making it easy to snap an image with the subject in the center.
•Only the part of the image within the cropping boundary will be recorded.
•The image size for this operation is fixed automatically at 3M (2048 x 1536 pixels).
When you press the shutter button all the way without pausing, Quick Shutter focuses the image virtually immediately. This lets you capture fast-moving action, and also eliminates the chance of focus error when you ask someone else to record an image for you.
The improved EXILIM Engine combines with a Super Life battery to bring you amazingly long battery life. the EX-Z700 lets you shoot 460 snapshots*3 or about four hours of movie on a single charge.
A new flash that divides the flash intensity before firing combines with high sensitivity to enable continuous shutter operation with flash. Up to three images can be shot within a one-second, so you can capture all of those special moments, even when lighting is dim.
The 7.2-megapixel CCD and EXILIM Engine combination enables Non-deterioration zoom, which provides high quality images that are on par with optical zoom. Non-deterioration zoom extracts the required portion of the largest size available for the recorded image, which results in close ups that do not suffer from the deterioration normally associated with digital zoom.
When recording with VGA size, for example, the equivalent of about 14.2X optical zoom can be obtained. *For image size setting from 5 megapixels to VGA
3X optical zoom combines with a 7.2 megapixel CCD for beautifully detailed digital images. A new BEST SHOT (BS) button provides one-touch access to BEST SHOT sample images. 4X digital zoom combines with optical zoom for total zoom capabilities up to 12X. Everything comes packed in a stylishly designed body that combines the very best of beauty and function.
The Movie Mode records Motion JPEG movies with audio. You can keep recording a movie as long as there is memory to store it. 640 x 480-pixel (VGA) resolution at 30 frames per second keeps all of the action smooth, clear, and realistic. You can even use the bundled AV cable to connect to a TV for big screen viewing fun.
Movie editing without using a computer
A useful Movie Cut feature lets you perform simple movie editing tasks right on the camera, without transferring the movie to a computer.
Easy movie screen shots
9-frame Motion Print
The frame you select is in the center.
With Motion Print, can extract a specific frame from a movie and print is as a snapshot. A snapshot can include a single frame, or a total of nine frames.
You can turn on display of grid lines on the monitor screen. The grid helps to compose images and helps to ensure that you are holding the camera straight.
This CASIO original image processing function makes it possible for the camera to correct brightness automatically when recording subjects that are too far for the flash to reach. It helps make images that normally might be blacked out brighter and clearer.
9-point Multi AF means you never need to worry about focusing again. When you press the shutter button, the camera automatically selects one of nine focus points, based on which one is aligned with the nearest subject, and focuses on that point. This helps to avoid loss of foreground images, and minimizes the change of images being out of focus.
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The RGB histogram lets you check exposure for each individual color, which supports fine adjustment of exposure to ensure you get exactly the color you want.
Exposure Adjustment
A histogram lopsided to the left indicates underexposure, while a rightward histogram indicates overexposure. A centered histogram indicates correct exposure.
Icon Guide help messages appear on the monitor screen in the REC mode to explain the meanings of icons as you use them.
* Screen and printed images shown in this web page are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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