Simply press the BS button to access the BEST SHOT mode directly.
A single screen shows 12 BEST SHOT sample scenes, which makes it easier to find the one you want more quickly.
Other Functions
Image Gallery
EX-Z700 Home
You can create a multi-snapshot image by recording snapshots into the frames that are arranged in a preset pattern. This lets you create album-like arrangements of related images in a single image. BEST SHOT scene are available with three frames and two frames.
Two Images
Three Images
With in tracking, a boundary area follows a moving subject, making it easy to snap an image with the subject in the center.
•Only the part of the image within the cropping boundary will be recorded.
•The image size for this operation is fixed automatically at 3M (2048 x 1536 pixels).
Minimizes the effects of hand shake and subject movement.
Anti Shake OFF
Anti Shake ON
The background comes out bright and the subject comes out clear without using a flash, even when lighting is dim. You capture the scene exactly the way you see it.
With a flash, the background comes out dark and the subjects are too bright.
With high-sensitivity, the background is brighter and you capture the scene exactly the way you see it.
Unlike monitor screens that make it hard to see subjects when lighting is dim, the EX-Z700 monitor screen makes subjects really stand out. This means you know exactly what you are shooting before you press the shutter button.
Record an image of an old faded photograph and the camera automatically restores the colors.
Simply shoot an image of this old, yellowed photograph.
The camera digitally processes the image to restore beautiful colors.
EXILIM lets you correct your images after you record them. You can correct keystoning and even restore the colors of an image, which helps to ensure that perfect shots of long-gone events are yours forever.
1. Auto
Auto image recording.
Movie recording
3. Portrait
Enhanced flesh tones. Setting zoom to telephoto blurs the background.
4. Scenery
Infinity focus
Hard sharpness
High saturation
5. Portrait With Scenery
Enhanced flesh tones Setting zoom to wide angle simplifies focusing.
6. Children
Enhanced flesh tones and a fast shutter speed.
7. Sports
Fast shutter speed
8. Candlelight Portrait
Soft sharpness and daylight white balance. Keep the camera still!
9. Party
Fast shutter speed
10. Pet
Fast shutter speed
Shoot from the eye level of your pet.
11. Flower
Macro Mode
High saturation
12. Natural Green
Hard sharpness and high saturation enhance green hues.
13. Autumn Leaves
Hard sharpness and high saturation enhance red hues.
14. Soft Flowing Water
Slow shutter speed
15. Splashing Water
Fast shutter speed
16. Sundown
Infinity focus
Red filter
Daylight white balance
17. Night Scene
Slow shutter speed
Infinity focus
Keep the camera still!
18. Night Scene Portrait
Slow shutter speed
Red-eye reduction flash
Keep the camera still!
19. Fireworks
Slow shutter speed
Infinity focus
Keep the camera still!
20. Food
Macro Mode
High saturation
21. Text
Macro Mode
Hard sharpness
High contrast
22. Collection
Macro Mode
Displays a composition outline
23. Auction
Records small-size images that are perfect for auction notices.
24. Backlight
Enhanced flash tones
Flash on
25. Anti Shake
Reduces the effects of hand and subject movement.
26. High Sensitivity
Enables recording of an image without flash, even when lighting is dim.
27. Underwater
For underwater recording with the optional waterproof case.
28. Monochrome
Uses the monochrome filter.
29. Retro
Uses low contrast and the sepia color filter.
30. Twilight
Uses high color saturation and the magenta color filter.
Make it possible to combine two snapshots in a single image.
Make it possible to combine three snapshots in a single image.
33. Auto Framing
The camera automatically follows a moving subject and frames it in boundary for recording.
34. Old Photo
Color correction will restore the faded colore of the old photograph.
35. Business cards and documents
Even when recorded at an angle, image lines are straight and natural.
36. White board, etc.
Even when recorded at an angle, image lines are straight and natural.
37. Voice Recording
Records audio, without any image.
* Screen and printed images shown in this web page are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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