Even though it is equipped with an optical zoom lens, the EX-Z700 starts up in just 0.9 seconds*1 and has a release time lag of only 0.007 second.*2 High-speed scrolling during playback takes only about 10 seconds to scroll through 100 snapshots. A new high-speed continuous shutter mode records at a speed of about 1.0 seconds per image.
*1: Approximate; using built-in memory, built-in flash off.
*2: Approximate time from when the shutter button is pressed from focus lock until the image starts to be recorded (flash off).
Direct power on mode access helps to make camera operation faster and more convenient. Simply press a button to turn on power and the camera is ready to shoot or view in an instant.
Other Functions
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The trimming feature makes it possible to trim away parts of an image you do not need.
The focus, exposure compensation level, white balance, ISO sensitivity, or self-time parameters can be assigned to the control key. After that, operation of the controller key changes the setting of the assigned parameter.
SDHC support makes it possible to use SD memory cards with capacities in excess of 2 GB. The camera also has 8.3 MB of flash memory on board, so images can be recorded even when a memory card is not loaded.
One of 10 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese) can be selected for on-screen menu text.
The triple self-timer records three consecutive images, so you can select the one you want to keep.
A simple camera operation transfers images between a memory card (SD memory card, or MMC card) and the camera's built-in Flash memory.
The FAVORITE folder is stored in Flash memory, so it is not deleted when you change to another memory card. Images in the FAVORITE folder are not displayed during the normal image playback operation, so personal images remain private.
World Time is convenient for international travel. Simply select one of the 162 cities (32 time zones) and you can keep track of the current time in your home time zone and other time zones.
* Screen and printed images shown in this web page are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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