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A 5-megapixel CCD for beautiful images combines with manual parameter settings gives you the tools to create exactly the type of digital images you want.
VGA size (640 x 480 pixels) 30-frame-per-second MPEG-4 movie recording creates clear, natural movie images. Movie length is limited only by the amount of memory available for storage. A noise filter dramatically eliminates white speck noise from playback.
The function-packed go-along-anywhere design is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Everything about the camera is designed and engineered for ease of used: a grip molded to fit your hand, a bib 2.0-inch flip screen that can be positioned to the angle that's right for you, conveniently located buttons and controllers, and much more.
The camera turns on automatically whenever you open the monitor screen. The screen can be freely adjusted to exactly the angle you need to get the shot you want. You can even position the screen for a self-portrait.
About the EXILIM Engine The EXILIM engine is an image processor that was designed using CASIO original technology. High resolution, high speed, low power consumption, and ultra-compact configuration. Everything about the EX-P505 is geared towards enhancing your digital image recording and viewing experience.
The EXILIM original Super Life battery and EXILIM engine combine to provide you with the best battery performance available in a digital camera today. A single charge lets you record up to 220 snapshots*1 or 120 minutes of movies*2 for worry-free operation.
*1 CIPA Standards: Normal temperature (23oC), monitor on, zoom operation between full wide and full telephoto every 30 seconds, during which two images are recorded with flash; Power turned off and back on every time 10 images are recorded.
*2 Continuous recording, without zoom.
5X optical zoom can be used during both snapshot and movie recording. Used in combination with the 8X digital zoom, this gives you total zoom capabilities of 40X. This, in addition to macro mode for distances as small as 1 cm, provides you with the tools to capture images exactly as you have always envisioned them.
Amazingly fast EXILIM operation includes 0.8-second startup*3 and 0.01-second release time lag.*4 All of this means that the camera is ready to record those special moments as they happen.
*3 Approximate: using built-in memory, built-in flash off.
*4 Approximate time from when the shutter button is fully pressed from focus lock until the image starts to be recorded (monitor screen and flash off).
* Screen and printed images shown in this web page are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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