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Stylish smart touch

With 70 items on a single screen and multiple menu shifts available, simple operation is assured. Every item can be linked to a graphic image for further enhanced ease of use.

Easy to use

・The wide, bright 15-inch colour TFT LCD touch panel assures easy, accurate operation. The touch screen offers clear categorization for item registration, numeric entry and entry confirmation.

・A built-in 2 x 20 character rear display makes it easy for customers to monitor sales transactions, and either an emerald green or white backlight colour can be selected to suit the operating environment.

・The QT-6600 supports Ethernet/RS232c communication with remote UP-400 printers for flexible network configuration on your business premises.

・The display can be tilted throughout the range from 20 to 70 degrees, enabling it to adjust to virtually any operating environment.


・Six RS232c ports support flexible, varied configurations of peripherals such as printers, scanners, scales and PCs.

・1 x Ethernet with a speed of 10/100 Base T/TX ensures smooth in-house communication with other equipment, and the ability to use a popular CAT5 cable makes wiring easy as well.

・2 x drawer ports are standard equipment.

・An optionally available QT-6060D remote customer display offers a selection of from one to three backlight colours.

・Operator recognition is achieved by secret code, optional dallas key or optional MCR.

・Connection of an optionally (locally sourced) order-entry terminal for order taking and receipt issuing is also possible.

・Bar-code scanning handles registration of bar-coded items basic to the hospitality environment.

・The system also supports configuration of additional (locally sourced) options such as a PS2 keyboard and scale.


・Operation resumes quickly after power failures or other such interruptions.

・An intuitive screen layout reduces training time for new employees.

・A master and master backup system keeps your business in operation.

System Configuration


The system permits shared table control by multiple terminals, with master configuration and master backup providing system security in the event of terminal failure.
A shared remote printing function supports printers connected by Ethernet, and a backup function switches the print job to an appropriate alternate printer if the selected printer fails to print. RS232c connection is also available.
Three screens with full-screen layouts give every staff direct access to the appropriate menu screen. When service staff sign on, the table layout in their work area appears automatically on the screen. This feature eliminates problems that can arise if staff access the wrong menu, improving your restaurant's customer service.

Specialty food stores, delicatessens

Quick, easy touch-panel operation assures user satisfaction by minimizing registration time, even during busy hours.
Bar-code reading of EAN/UPC-type bar-coded items improves the registration process for sales transactions in the hospitality environment.
And a customer file function improves customer service further by maintaining records of purchases charged to the accounts of regular customers.

Fast-food restaurants, bakeries, cafes, pizza parlors, etc.

A graphic screen and prompting registration sequences facilitate easy operation, even by new staff with minimal training.
Quick registration is supported by shared clerk interrupt and shared printing functions.
A remote display makes it easy for customers to monitor sales transactions.
An FTP function permits remote site access and branch control in either the client or server mode.

PC Software

A software package featuring versatile PC communication and sales/programming data management tools is separately available to provide further support for your daily operations.

Sales information analysis

A variety of sales information, including Fixed Totalizer, Free Function, PLU, Clerk, Hourly and Monthly sales report data, can be collected and analyzed to optimize your store management.

Itemized sales analysis

PLU sales data for individual merchandise items can be displayed on a PC screen and printed out to give the manager a full understanding of day-to-day sales trends.

Clerk operation / Manager sales analysis

Managers can analyze clerk reports on sales activities by individual staff to obtain a clear understanding of each clerk's contribution to the store operation.

Choice of PC communication methods

RS232c (direct connection with PC/modem)
TCP/IP (direct connection with PC)
FTP (LAN connection with PC)
Suitable for chain store businesses, which can connect a QT-6600 in each store with headquarters by Internet for remote maintenance.

User-friendly programming tools

Store owners/managers can easily set up displays of PLU unit prices, character names and other data on the graphic screen.
Receipt message programming is also available for store advertising.

Other convenient PC software features

Ability to store and manage sales and programming data separately for individual branch outlets.
Ability to import PLU/S-PLU text files to PC software for easy PLU setup.
Ability to collect sales data reports from the QT-6600 in CSV format and analyze sales trends on a PC.


External thermal LAN printer

UP-400 external thermal LAN printer can be used for the purpose of receipt, order receipt and sales report printing. This printer can connect maximum 16 printers through LAN port.

External remote display

Transaction items displayed on the optional external remote display using a wide 3-color backlit LCD which can easily be read by the customer.

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