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Main Features

•Extremely bright projection equivalent to approx. 6,000 lumens

•Advanced geometric correction technology

•Long-life light source good for up to 20,000 hours

Stacked projection gives excellent brightness up to approx. 6,000 lumens.

Two stacked projectors project overlapping images onto a single screen. This provides extremely bright projection up to approx. 6,000 lumens, roughly twice the level provided by a single projector. The result is sharper and brighter image, even when a large screen is used in venues such as restaurants, store windows, pubs and sports bars.

Geometric correction function allows easy image alignment.

You can project the built-in Guide feature and adjust any image distortion using the remote control, so it’s easy to align images accurately during stacked projection. In addition to flat-surface compensation for projection at an angle, projection can also be corrected for curved surfaces using free-form surface compensation with a lattice of up to 81 grid points.

Correct images easily

CASIO has developed a geometric correction box that corrects and aligns screen images coupled with the unique Laser & LED Hybrid light source, specifically for applications such as signage where high levels of brightness are required. The system also features high-precision correction and an interface that allows easy adjustment from a dedicated remote control for highly detailed image adjustment.

Featuring a long-life light source to minimize maintenance labor and costs

The system is equipped with CASIO’s own Laser & LED Hybrid light source that has an estimated life of 20,000 hours. This means huge reductions in running costs and the time spent on maintenance when compared with a high-pressure mercury lamp. And because there is only minimal loss of brightness even after long-term use, it is ideal for heavy-duty applications involving very frequent use and long periods of projection.

Geometric Correction Box [YA-S10]

When the geometric correction box is connected, it is no longer just a Dual Projection System. Even with a single projector, you can correct the screen image at an angle and onto curved pillars or flat surfaces. The box itself is so compact it takes up hardly any space at all.


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