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Parking management

Use at meter-less parking bays to issue parking tickets and settle parking charges.
Even at meter-less parking bays, improve work efficiency in all process including settlement of charges based on accurate information.


Traffic violation

Issue tickets to traffic law violators and photograph license plates using a built-in camera. Check a database using W-WAN communication.
Reduce work required for clerical processing by instantaneously transmit ticketing results using W-WAN communication.


On-board ticket issuance

Inspect and issue tickets and settle fares on board trains. Receive seat reservation information from headquarters or reserve seats using real-time communication.
Save time for customers and improve customer service by settling fares on board trains instead of at stations.


On-board or in-flight sales

Use as a mobile POS to manage in-flight or on-board sales and inventory.
The use of compact, portable terminals makes possible sales and inventory management based on control of individual items.


Mobile POS

Report information on sales amount and items sold to headquarters from event sites and small stores where POS systems cannot be installed.
This makes it possible to obtain accurate and timely sales information without installing POS systems or cash registers.


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