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Process Management

Process management

Record the results of each work process and manage the start and completion of work. This data can then be audited.
Achieve error-free production by improving work accuracy and efficiency.



Quickly identify the cause and affected lots when defective products occur by retaining a history of processes from receipt of raw materials to shipment of finished products.
At a time of increasing quality consciousness, minimise loss of trust from customer complaints.


Working management

Appropriately distribute and assign work to employees by issuing detailed work instructions that include tasks, persons responsible, and starting times. 
Increase efficiency even in large factories by using wireless communication to issue instructions from the factory office.


Equipment management

Record equipment removal details, including the involved employees and the dates and times of removal and return.
Eliminate errors caused by handwritten records, send reminders about unreturned items, and manage equipment status in real-time.



Use barcode scanning to accurately check items against a packing list and prevent incorrect attachment of barcodes.
Reliably eliminate careless mistakes in work.


Product serial number management

Scan serial number labels attached to products and create production history records containing information such as date of shipment and production.
This makes possible prompt information searches by recording shipment history using product serial numbers.


Production tool management

Manage production tools by keeping use and disposal records and conducting regular audits.
Dispose of out-of-date or damaged production tools and prevent loss by keeping a record of use frequency.


Parts selection

Avoid intermixing of incorrect parts by scanning each part at the time of delivery.
Scan parts that can't be distinguished by sight to prevent production delays caused by intermixing of incorrect parts.


Production line management

Prevent errors in production line input of specified parts. Record quantities of parts input and input dates.
Prevent production line stoppage due to parts input errors resulting from incorrect assumptions and other human errors.


Staff time & attendance management

Efficiently manage work schedules by recording actual worker-hours.
This makes possible work efficiency improvement and appropriate worker scheduling decisions.


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