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Logistic Centre & Warehouse

Point of delivery

Scan data at the time of package receipt, dispatch, and delivery, and track packages in real-time by using W-LAN and/or W-WAN communication.
Provide package tracking information to customers. Promptly check the location of lost or incorrectly delivered packages.

Delivery management

Use handheld terminals and GPS tracking to confirm truck location, allocate vehicles, and manage delivery progress.
The delivery centre can ascertain the position and progress of all vehicles and can efficiently implement urgent vehicle dispatch plans and instructions.

Goods in and out management

Manage products by scanning them at every stage from arrival and acceptance to dispatch.
Accurate acceptance and dispatch and access to real-time stock information.


Stock picking

Use picking instructions to indicate items for picking and their location. Input picking results.
Detect errors on-site by scanning immediately after picking. Enable immediate response to picking list changes by displaying the picking list on a display.


Pallet management

Manage the location of pallets, containers, distribution cages, and other  distribution equipment.
Avoid loss of valuable company assets by managing the location of equipment.


Stock taking

Scan products on store shelves or in the stockroom and input actual stock quantity.
Stock taking can be performed by simply scanning shelf barcodes and inputting actual stock on hand. This makes possible dramatic reductions in human error and time compared to paper-based stock taking by visual inspection.


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