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V-T500 Series

V-T500 Series


Innovative Tablets to Change the Future of Business

The tablet is powered by a replaceable battery pack and features a rugged casing that can withstand a drop of up to 1.0 meter. Dust and water splash-proof performance (IP54-compliant) ensures stable, dependable performance, a key requirement for professional users. The 10.1-inch LCD with high luminance and a wide viewing angle supports dual input by finger touch or digitizer pen for user-friendly operability. The Android™ 4.0 software platform promotes work efficiency in wide-ranging business situations. Innovative enterprise tablets open up new business potential with original ideas and advanced technologies. Advanced features critical to management support the activities of field personnel.
Touch the Future

Superb operability expands the scope of business activities

Reinforced design ensures excellent environmental durability

Impact-resistant construction and elastomer corner protection provide durability to withstand drops of up to 1.0 meter. The tablet offers environmental performance that ensures worry-free use outdoors, in warehouses, and in other demanding environments, due to the inclusion of dust and water splash-proof performance (IP54-compliant) * and an operating temperature range of −20°C to 50°C.

* Water splashed against the device from any direction has no harmful effects when all covers for connectors, etc. are closed.

Casing ergonomics ensure secure handling

The tablet surface is dimpled and finished to prevent slipping and afford a more secure grip to increase work efficiency and reduce the risk of dropping.

Includes Bluetooth® 4.0 as a standard feature.

Support for Bluetooth® Ver.4.0 (Low Energy) makes possible communication with scanners and headsets.

Designed for extended operation

A high-capacity lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with a capacity of 7,000 mAh and low power consumption design allows for approximately 10 hours * of use. The user can easily swap out the replaceable battery pack to further extend operating time. Field personnel equipped with spare battery packs can focus on work without worrying about losing power.

* Operating time varies according to the use environment.

Large 10.1-inch LCD with LED backlight

The 10.1-inch LED backlit LCD screen comes with high luminance and a wide viewing angle, which ensures excellent visibility in outdoor environments.
WXGA high-resolution display adds appeal to presentations and consultative selling. A light sensor detects ambient light conditions and automatically adjusts screen brightness.

Worry-free charging environment

Non-contact charging makes it possible to recharge the battery by simply placing the tablet on a cradle. An optional car charger and replaceable battery pack are available for coupled charging. Charging a replacement battery while traveling between worksites prevents business disruption from a run-down battery.

Theft prevention feature

A loud alarm sounds when the tablet is removed from the cradle.
This helps prevent theft during use for signage or at a customer service counter.

WPA2 support and integrated IEEE802.11a/b/g/n module

To ensure smooth real-time operation, the tablet has an integrated IEEE802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN module and supports the WPA2 secure wireless communications protocol and 802.1x authentication technologies (such as PEAP and EAP-TLS).

Advanced functions that support various work styles

Equipped with a SAM slot and an NFC card reader/writer

The tablet is equipped with an NFC reader/writer and supports recognition of FeliCa®, MIFARE® and other contactless smart cards as well as ISO15693-compliant RFID tags (13.56 MHz). A built-in antenna at one end of the device enables smooth reading of information. A SAM (Secure Access Module) slot comes as a standard feature. Installing a SAM makes possible communication of encrypted data for applications requiring a higher level of security.

Log-in authentication

The tablet supports smart card-based log-in security. To prevent unauthorized third-party use, companies can require log-in authentication using employee ID cards in addition to passwords.

Built-in high-accuracy GPS unit

The tablet comes with built-in GPS that makes it possible to acquire position information. Linking data with map information enables use in wide-ranging applications, such as issuing route instructions to service personnel or recording the completion of meter reading or other field activities together with position information.

Link to mapping applications for high-level business support

Headquarters can manage the location of employees in the field in real time and issues route instructions. This feature increases efficiency in personnel deployment, by allowing optimal personnel allocation and travel time reduction.


Employee location management

SD Card and microSD Card Slot

The tablet comes with an SD card slot (SDHC-compatible) as a standard feature for use in applications such as operation with a high-volume stored database for backup data or expansion of user storage. There is also an integrated microSD card slot. Utilizing this for OS or program data increases efficiency in maintenance and deployment.

Backup and Cloning

Using a microSD card to back up data makes it possible to duplicate data and clone a configuration to a spare tablet. There’s no need to worry about bothersome backup tablet configuration or data loss due to a tablet malfunction.

When Deploying
Simply insert a microSD card containing
applications and data.

When Repairing a Tablet
It's possible to remove data from
a malfunctioning tablet by removing and
retaining the microSD card.

A full range of expansion features

USB ports

The tablet is equipped with USB ports for USB host and client connectivity. This expands the scope of tablet use by enabling connection with external devices or connection to a PC without a cradle.

HDMI port

The tablet is equipped with a mini HDMI port for connection with a large-screen LCD televisions or projectors. This is ideal for presentations to large audiences.

Equipped with wireless WAN *

The V-T500-GE is equipped with a wireless WAN module that realises high-speed data communication (HSDPA) for real-time communication outdoors. This tablet is suited to wide-ranging applications in field operations.

* V-T500-GE only

Ease of operation that optimizes the user experience

Dual input by finger touch or digitizer pen

The screen is a capacitive touch panel that supports multi finger action input, an intuitive method of operation that eliminates user stress. In addition, digitizer pen input is useful for inputting handwritten information such as signatures. Companies can prepare client applications that distinguish between pen input and finger touch input.

Ordinary operation

Operation of multi finger action using the fingers, input of handwritten signatures using the digitizer pen, and special key operation are supported.

Dual mode (for waiting on customers)

It's possible to designate an area on the screen that responds only to the touch of a digitizer pen.

Dual mode (for reading documents)

Enlarge or reduce a document by touching the screen with a finger and record information within the screen using a digitizer pen.

High-speed CPU for stress-free operation

The CPU is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. Short application start time and smooth video replay contribute to generating appealing presentations.

Function buttons

Function buttons A/B on the side of the tablet can be allocated to do specifics tasks, as required by client applications.

Use of the Android™ 4.0 Platform

The tablet runs Android™ 4.0 and is equipped with a variety of client software applications. There is also an original CASIO menu that helps to create a comfortable user experience.

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