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DT-X7 Series

DT-X7 Series

The production of this model has been already discontinued.


The Revolutionary, Easy-to-Use Device from CASIO

Improved Scanning Performance

The new DT-X7’s innovative design allows users to aim the scanner at the correct angle first-time round for excellent scanning success. There are three easy-to-use, colored scanning trigger keys that ensure comfortable scanning regardless of how the user holds the device.
The DT-X7 scanner incorporates a variety of functions for optimum performance in all working environments. These advanced functions include a learning capability, scan width control, scan verification beam, and scanning success confirmation via a vibration alert, LED, and/or a buzzer.
The DT-X7 supports all the industry standard 1D and 2D bar code symbologies most widely used in the enterprise today. Models with the laser scanner are capable of reading 1D bar code symbologies, or models with the C-MOS imager are capable of not only reading 1D and 2D bar code symbologies but also capturing images.

A Natural Fit in the Hand

The DT-X7 features a rounded and dimpled form that fits naturally in anyone’s palm and allows the fingers to rest firmly in the groove on the back of the case. The dimpled texture on both sides improves the grip, and the device’s center of gravity is positioned under the trigger center key. The keypad has been designed so that the most commonly used keys are all within easy reach of the user’s thumb. The colored buttons can be programmed to enable easy and efficient navigation within applications. These design considerations deliver a perfectly balanced feel of the device in the hand and an outstanding user experience.

Toughness in Harsh Conditions

The DT-X7 offers outstanding performance in all sorts of environments including situations where rough handling is likely. It is dust and splash-proof (IP 54 level compliant with the IEC60529 standard), shock-resistant against drops to concrete from a height of up to 1.5 meters (with bumper attached) and can operate in temperatures between -10°C and +50 °C.


Superior Wireless Communication

All models of the DT-X7 series have Bluetooth ® integrated for wireless communication to devices such as belt printers and mobile phones. The DT-X7M10R model has built-in WLAN compatible with the IEEE 802.11b/g standard, as well as with security features such as TKIP encryption and 802.1x authentication (PEAP, EAP-TLS, etc.).

High-Clarity LCD Screen

The DT-X7 features an ultra-legible 6.1 cm (2.4 inches) QVGA transflective color LCD ensuring that information and images displayed on the screen are clear and easy to see. For example, the screen is of sufficient quality to show instant details, including images, of a product to educate store clerks not familiar with them.

Voice-based Guidance

The built-in high fidelity speaker combined with the Windows ® CE 5.0 operating system enables voice sound output. Applications using voice-based guidance can be developed simply by producing the necessary voice files to lead users through operational procedures e.g. inspecting goods, and undertaking price checks. This means the user doesn't have to look at the screen every time for verification or instruction, reducing the strain caused by repetitive tasks, therefore increasing productivity.

Microsoft ® Windows ® CE 5.0

The DT-X7 series comes with the Windows ® CE 5.0 operating system. This widely used and reliable operating system has been developed specifically for industrial and enterprise devices, handheld scanners and PDAs. It offers excellent support for a wide range of development tools and ensures compatibility with the most common enterprise network infrastructures. Furthermore, Casio's own Common Device Control Library allows developers to have fine control over the specific hardware features of the DT-X7 (laser scanner, Bluetooth, etc).

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