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Sound - Tones designed to bring you all of the beautiful resonance and rich expression of a grand piano.

Linear Morphing AIF Sound Source for natural expression of both power and delicacy

The versatility of the grand piano is made possible by its ability to alter tones in accordance with changes in the amount of pressure applied to the keys. Strong pressure produces a bright, hard tone, while lighter pressure results in a much gentler tone and these tonal variations provide the pianist with a rich palette of musical expression. CASIO digital pianos use multiple samples collected at various optimal key pressures from a world-famous brand concert grand piano. A CASIO-original Linear Morphing AIF Sound Source, which applies computer graphic morphing technology to notes, ensures seamless changes between the sampled sounds. This, in combination with a revolutionary filter circuit that controls changes in timbre enables seamless changes in tones of extremely delicate pianissimos all the up to powerful fortissimos. The result is a never-before-possible level of expressive richness that is virtually the same as what you hear from an acoustic grand.

New slide-type keyboard cover

Seamless half-damper pedal for subtle changes in expression

Pedal operations are essential for playing with the same level of expression as a grand piano. Half-pedal capabilities make it possible to control how a note is sustained or the depth of reverberation in accordance with how much the pedal is depressed.

Acoustic Resonance System for more beautiful resonance

The Acoustic Resonance system generates rich, beautiful resonance when the damper pedal is depressed. It reproduces the reverberation of neighboring strings that occurs within an acoustic grand.

Quality speakers for rich sound

The speakers of the Privia are structured to deliver richer, more beautiful sound. Despite their compact configuration, they create a natural acoustic space that envelopes the pianist.

Touch - Expressivity at your fingertips

Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard for outstanding successive note play

Keyboard for realistic acoustic touch and improved play of successive notes

True and smooth grand piano level key action is reproduced using the actual weight of the hammer, without relying at all on springs. This Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard uses a total of three sensors on both the keyboard side and the hammer side for outstanding playability of successive notes. Thanks to these sensors, following notes can start to sound even before the keys that played previous notes are fully released, creating a feel that is virtually the same as that of an acoustic grand. Of course, low notes play heavier and higher notes play lighter, also like a grand piano.

Integrated stand for a slim and stylish design

The Privia comes with a slim, stylish design that looks great anywhere. A selection of color variations can be matched to just about any interior imaginable.

Slide-type keyboard cover

New slide-type keyboard cover

Versatile features to support piano lessons and performance

Duet Mode

A convenient Duet mode lets you assign the same ranges to the left side and right side of the keyboard, which is just the thing for parent-and-child, teacher-and-student, and other duet combinations.

Grand Piano buttons for instant one-touch access to often-used piano tones

Metronome and recording features come in handy for practice and learning.

Music Library of pre-recorded songs for listening and lessons

Music Library [ Song List ]

Music Library of pre-recorded songs for listening and lessons (A score book is included.)

Layering of two tones so they both sound at the same time or splitting of the keyboard between two different tones

Panel Lock to disable button operation to prevent unintentional setting changes

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