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Function Mark Meanings
More polished concert grand piano sound!
  Stereo sampled Tri-element ZPI sound source for richer, more beautiful piano sound
One touch access to stereo grand piano tone and a setup optimized for piano play
High-quality multi-channel digital effects
132 preset effects (100 DSP effects including acoustic resonance, 16 reverbs, 16 choruses) and 100 user DSP effects
Acoustic Resonance System
 Reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal.

Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
Internet Data Expansion System
Now you can use your computer to download the data you want and tailor the keyboard so suit your specific needs.
Music Data Management Software
Loading of downloaded music data to PX-410R memory
Editing of PX-410R parameters (Synthesizer, Drawbar, DSP, Mixer, etc.)
PX-410R rhythm pattern creation from SMF
Computer conversion of standard waveform files to PX-410R tone with waveform data
* Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
SD memory card slot
Save music data and play back SMF (format 0) data directly from a SD memory card.
Supported SD memory card capacities: 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB
SD memory card not included
USB port for easy connection to a computer
* Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
*Driver is included on the bundled CD-ROM
*USB cable not included
For the latest news about driver and application support Under Windows Vista® and Windows®7,visit here.
Drawbar Organ function:
Configure the drawbars to create exactly the organ sound you always have been looking for.
50 preset and 100 user drawbar organ tones
Digitally simulated drawbar organ provides you with the means to create a wide range of different organ sounds.
Built-in preset DSP reproduces the rotary speaker effect.
Musical Information System (Large, backlit LCD)
Big display shows tone name, rhythm name, settings, and more!
Powerful 2-Way Bass-Reflex Speaker System
Pitch Bend Wheel
One touch access to metronome patterns
Metronome patterns are preset rhythm patterns.
50 piano tunes: [ Song List ]
In Flash ROM and on bundled CD-ROM
Pedal jacks:
Damper, soft/sostenuto, comes with a pedal (SP-3)
Microphone jack:
Echo effect, adjustable volume level
Microphone not included.
Comes with a pedal (SP-3)
Optional CS-410P stand and optional SP-30 3-pedal unit
The 3-pedal unit also supports half-pedal operation, for a light damper effect when the damper pedal is pressed part way.
Powerful features to support high-level performances
(3 sensitivity levels, off)
670 PRESET TONES: 400 Advanced tones, 128 GM tones, 72 various tones, 20 drum sets, 50 drawbar organ tones
224 USER TONES: 100 user tones, 20 user tones with wave, 4 user drum sets with wave, 100 user drawbar organ tones
166 PRESET RHYTHMS: Including 20 patterns for piano play and 6 metronome patterns
DIGITAL EQUALIZER: 10 preset equalizer settings include Rock, Jazz, Classic, and more. The low, low-mid, mid-high, and high bands can be configured.
AUTO-ACCOMPANIMENT: A wider range of variations (controllers: intro/ending 1/2, variation/full-in 1/2, synchro/full-in next, start/stop)
RECORDING (MULTI-TRACK SONG MEMORY): 6 tracks x 5 songs, approximately 10,000 notes, real-time and step recording, step edit capabilities
REGISTRATION: You can store up to 32 setups (4 sets × 8 banks) to Registration memory for recall whenever you need them. Registration data includes tones, rhythms, effects, and more.
ONE TOUCH PRESET (TOTAL 182 SETS): Simply select a rhythm and One Touch Preset automatically configures the ideal settings for that rhythm. One Touch Preset setting include tone, tempo, and more.
SYNTHESIZER FUNCTION: Versatile parameters
AUTO-HARMONIZE: When you are using auto-accompaniment, auto-harmonize automatically adds harmony notes to the melody you play.
SMF PLAYER FEATURE: Playback of up to 200 SMFs (format 0) from Flash ROM
MIXER FUNCTION (16 CHANNELS): Use the mixer to turn channels on and off, adjust volume, and control pan settings for parts played on the keyboard, Auto Accompaniment parts, six Song Memory tracks, etc.
32-note polyphony (maximum)
Key transpose
Tuning control
3 demonstration tunes
GM level 1 compatible
Terminals: Phones x 2, Pedal x 2 (damper, soft/sostenuto), USB port, Mic in
Speakers (dia x qty): [16cm x 8cm (oval)] x 2, 5cm x 2
Amplifier: 8W + 8W
Size (W x D x H): 1,344 x 349 x 155mm / 1,344 x 432 x 774mm (with optional CS-410P stand)
Weight: 16.7kg / 28.0kg (with optional CS-410P stand)
Comes with AC adaptor (AD-12), pedal (SP-3), music stand, CD-ROM (50 piano tunes, USB driver, Music Data Management Software)*, and dust cover
EAN code: 4971850361220
* Supported Operating Systems
USB driver: Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
Music Data Management Software: Windows® 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
For the latest news about driver and application support under Windows Vista® and Windows®7, visit here.
PX-410R MIDI Implementation
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