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AIF (Acoustic & Intelligent Filtering System) Sound Source
Precision, large-volume sampling of waveform data combines with the latest in waveform processing technology to produce natural, amazingly realistic grand piano and other acoustic musical instrument sounds.
AHL (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) sound source
The latest in digital technology makes in possible to reproduce amazingly real grand piano and acoustic musical instrument sounds.
(Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation)
Sound Source
Optimized data compression and a polynomial interpolation based waveform playback process combine to produce amazingly clear and realistic sounds.
HL (Highly-compressed Large-waveform) Sound Source
Advanced compression techniques make it possible to record high volumes of waveform data and recreate the timbres of various instruments including the grand piano.
A2 (A-square) Sound Source
Advanced data compression techniques make it possible to incorporate higher volumes of waveform data. The result is an outstanding selection of realistic tones.
Linear Morphing System
Smoother and more natural transitions between notes provides grand piano level rich differences between notes played with extremely light key pressure and notes played with strong pressure.
Tri-element Waveform
Three separate samples of a grand piano are employed for strong, light, and medium keyboard pressure. The result is an amazing range of expression for a digital piano.
Dual-element Waveform
Stereo sampled piano timbres include separate samples for strong keyboard pressure and light keyboard pressure.
Dual Color Key Lighting System
Key Lighting System

Keyboard keys light when they must be pressed, guiding beginners and those who cannot read music to musical proficiency.
Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
True and smooth grand piano level key action is reproduced using the actual weight of the hammer, without relying at all on springs. Keys respond instantly to the lightest pressure, which allows high-speed play of successive notes.
Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

The keyboard plays heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes, for key touch that is virtually identical to that of a grand piano.
Sampling Function
You can sample a sound, assign it to the keyboard, and play it as notes. You can even add vibrato and other effects.
Keyboard size and number of keys.
full mini micro mini
Touch Response
Changes in volume dynamics can be controlled by the amount of pressure applied to keyboard keys, as with an acoustic piano.
Hammer Action Keyboard
Keyboard mechanics simulate those of a grand piano to provide key touch that is amazingly close to that of an acoustic piano.
Acoustic Resonance System Acoustic Resonance System
Reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal.
Number of tones.
Number of auto-rhythms/ auto-patterns.
Built-in Tunes
Number of built-in tunes.
Lesson Function
A collection of functions provides more productive practice sessions. Part Cut mutes the left or right-hand part, and Melody On/Off mutes the melody part for play along with the accompaniment. Phrase Repeat repeats a particular phrase.
3-Step Lesson
3-Step Lesson provides step-by-step guidance. Step Up Lesson for phrase-by-phrase practice of songs, guides you along the way to music proficiency.
Step Up Lesson
You can practice songs phrase-by-phrase,with play advancing only after you masterthe current phrase. Phrase-by-phrasepractice makes the task of learning a new song less daunting. With a Key
Lighting Keyboard, keys light to guide you along the way, which makes
mastering a song even easier!
Duet Mode
The digital piano can be split in the center between a left and a right keyboard, which is the same as having two pianos available for duet play. Each of the keyboards can be transposed (octave units) independently.
Synthesizer Function
Built-in tone parameters can be altered to create original sounds, which can then be saved in on-board memory.
Recording (Song Memory / Song Sequencer)
Tunes played on the keyboard can be recorded to memory for later playback.
Pattern Sequencer
Original accompaniment patterns can be created and stored in memory for later recall.
Keyboard setups, including tone, rhythm, tempo and other settings can be saved in memory for later recall. This feature makes it easy to change the keyboard setup even while playing.
One Touch Preset
Selecting a rhythm automatically changes to the most appropriate melody tone, tempo, and other settings for that rhythm.
Grand Piano Buttons / Piano Setting Button
Grand Piano buttons provide one-touch access to Grand Piano tones. A Piano Setting button instantly sets the digital piano up for piano performances.
Pitch Bender
Notes can be "bent" by raising and lowering the pitch.
Floppy Disk Drive
A built-in floppy disk drive allows playback of standard MIDI files (SMF) and external storage for original data.
Operation Lock Function
A simple operation locks out button operations to prevent accidental button operations that could change the setup as you are performing.
2-way Bass-Reflex Speaker System
Bass-Reflex Speaker System

Advanced speaker system for deep, rich output.
MIDI Compatibility
"Musical Instrument Digital Interface" lets you connect with other MIDI instruments or devices for remote or synchronized performance.
General MIDI
This music data exchange standard for hardware and software makes it possible to intterconnect General MIDI devices, even if they are of different brands.
USB Port
Easily connect to a computer for data exchange.
SD memory Card Support
Use an SD Memory card to store music data and for playback of SMF (format 0) data.
SmartMedia™ Card Support
Use a SmartMedia™ Card to store music data and for playback of SMF(format 0) data.
•SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.