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Touch Response
Function Mark Meanings
Microphone jack for sing along
Connect the bundled microphone and you can sing along with the built-in tunes, your own keyboard play, and SMF data.
Simple operations adjust the microphone volume level.
High-quality sounds
HL sound source for high-quality tones (including stereo sampled grand piano tone)
Digital effects for richer sounds (reverb: 4 types, chorus: 4 types)
Touch Response for more expressive potential
100 built-in tunes (65 Song Bank tunes, 35 Piano Bank tunes) with a Song Book
* Due to copyright restrictions, some pieces and tunes may not be included in the song book.
Song Expansion
10 songs maximum, approximately 320 KB total
Song Data Files*1 on bundled CD-ROM (25 files total)*2 can be transferred from your computer to keyboard memory.
CD-ROM includes an SMF Converter*3 application for transferring SMF data from your computer to keyboard memory.
  *1 SMF Format 0.
  *2 SMF files. Requires SMF converter to transfer data to the keyboard. 3-Step Lesson and Scoring System supported, but Fingering Guide not supported. Music scores (PDF) for these songs are included on the CD-ROM.
  *3 Supported operating systems:Windows® 98SE / Me / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
Multiple lesson functions
3-Step Lesson
Step-by-step lessons help you improve at your own pace.
Scoring System
Lesson evaluations appear on the LCD during the lesson and at the end of the lesson.
  * 3-Step Lesson Step 3 only
Fingering Guide Display (LCD)
Voice Fingering Guide
A human voice calls out finger numbers to guide you to the correct fingering.
*One-hand lesson available for 3-Step Lesson Step 1 and Step 2 only.
Lesson Part Select (right hand, left hand, both hands)
USB port for easy connection to a computer
* Supported operating systems: Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
* Driver is included on the bundled CD-ROM
  * USB cable not included
SD memory card slot
Playback of SMF (Format 0).
* Supported SD memory card capacities: 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB
* SD memory card not included
Key Lighting System (on / off)
61 full-size keys
Touch Response (on / off)
32-note polyphony (maximum)
264 high-quality tones (128 panel tones, 128 GM tones, 8 drum sets)
120 rhythms including 20 patterns for piano play
100 built-in tunes (65 Song Bank tunes, 35 Piano Bank tunes)
Song / Piano Bank / Rhythm Controller
Song Expansion: 10 songs maximum, approximately 320 KB total
Musical Information System (LCD)
GM level 1 compatible
Stereo speakers
Comes with microphone, song book, music stand, and CD-ROM*
Size (W x D x H): 945 x 373 x 135 mm
Weight: 4.7 kg
Batteries: AA-size x 6
AC adaptor: AD-5
EAN code: 4971850313403
* Includes 25 Song Data Files and music scores (PDF), USB driver, SMF Converter.
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