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Function Mark Meanings
Amazingly realistic tones and keyboard touch for a totally new piano experience.
128-note maximum polyphony. New sound source for acoustic piano sound and expression. Stereo-sampled Tri-element AIF* Sound Source.
A new AIF Sound Source delivers all the sound quality and playability of a fine grand piano. High-precision stereo sampling of a grand piano combines with an original new filter system to produce sounds that modulate naturally from the moment a key is pressed until the note decays. A Tri-element system uses three different waveforms of each note, which makes it possible to produce realistic sounds in response to different key pressures. In addition, an original AIF Sound Source system communicates each delicate nuance to the sound source so everything from pianissimos to fortissimos is reproduced with the same richness of expression as an acoustic grand. The Privia is also capable of 128-note polyphony, which means that notes reverberate naturally without being cut off during high-speed passages and pieces that require intensive damper pedal operations. It also provides plenty of playability for four-hand duets as well.
* Acoustic & Intelligent Filtering System
Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard
A spring-less hammer system that is similar to the one used by grand pianos provides a keyboard touch that is naturally firm. Lower notes play relatively heavier than higher notes, just like the keys on a grand piano.
Acoustic Resonance System
An acoustic resonance system reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal for more realistic piano performances
2-way 4 speakers
4-speaker 2-way sound system for crear, rich, powerful output
Music Library [ Song List ]
The Music Library includes a choice of 60 tunes for lessons and listening enjoyment. (A score book is included.)
Lesson function (Right or left hand part off)
You can turn off the left hand part or right part during playback of a Music Library tune, and play along with the remaining part.
Song Expansion
You can download songs to a computer and then transfer up to 10 of them to digital piano memory and expand the number of songs available.*1 You also can use an SD memory card*2 to store song data and recordings of your performances. A USB port*3 is provided for easy connection to a computer.
*1 Approximately 3.1 MB total; Up to approximately 318 KB per song. Capacity values are based on 1 MB = 1,024 KB, and 1 KB = 1,024 bytes. SMF Converter software (which is on the CD-ROM that comes with the digital piano and is available fromthe CASIO Music Site) must be installed on the computer in order to transfer music data to digital piano memory.
*2 Supported SD memory card capacities: 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB Playback of SMF; save and load of data; card formatting
*3 Driver is included on the bundled CD-ROM; USB cable not included
(3 sensitivity levels, off)
164 TONES: 14 panel tones, 20 various tones, 128 GM tones, 2 drum sets
20 RHYTHMS (for piano)
DIGITAL EFFECTS : Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance, DSP (preset for some panel and various tones)
RECORDER: 2 tracks x 5 songs, Approximately 50,000 notes total; Up to approximately 10,000 notes per song, real-time recording
128-note polyphony (maximum)
Key transpose
Tuning Control
Pedals : 3 (soft, sostenuto, damper)
Terminals: headphones x 2, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, USB port, line out x 2 (L/MONO, R), line in x 2 (L/MONO, R)
Speakers (dia x qty): 16cm x 2, 5cm x 2
Amplifier: 30W + 30W
Slide type keyboard cover
Comes with score book, music stand, headphones hook, and CD-ROM (USB driver and SMF converter)*
Size (W x D x H) : 1,381 x 473 x 874 mm
Weight : 53.0 kg
EAN code : 4971850361282
* Supported Operating Systems
USB driver: Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
SMF Converter: Windows® 98SE / Me / XP Home Edition / XP Professional (Mac OS not supported.)
AP-500 MIDI Implementation
For the latest news about driver and application support under Windows Vista®, visit here.
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