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Features and Functions that Make Digital Imaging More Fun
RGB Histogram
The RGB histogram shows the brightness of reds, greens, and blues in graph format. You can even monitor changes in the histogram as you compose an image, which helps to achieve proper exposure under difficult conditions. A histogram curve that is lopsided to the left indicates underexposure, while a curve on the right indicates underexposure. Best exposure is achieved when the curve is in the center.  
On Screen Grid
The monitor screen can be configured to display a grid that helps when composing images.  
White Balance
The QV-R61 has white balance settings for sunlight, shade, light bulb, overcast, and two types of fluorescent lighting. You can also set the white balance manually.
Full Month Calendar Screen
A full month calendar screen shows thumbnails of the first images recorded on each day of the month. An image can be selected with the cursor to display its full-size version. This not only helps you find the image you want more quickly, it also lets you create a photo diary of your daily life.  
0.1 Second Per Image Scrolling
Images can be scrolled at a speed of approximately 0.1 second per image. This means it takes only about 10 seconds to scroll through 100 images.
Quick and Simple Image Transfer to a Computer
Image transfer from camera memory starts automatically when you connect the camera to a computer. You can also display recording condition data and the calendar screen on your computer.    
Other Features
9.7 MB Built-in Memory Triple Self-timer Image Rotation
Key Customization Image Alarm Slideshow
Trimming Album Resize
Copy FAVORITE Folder 10 Screen Languages
World Time Image Roulette Startup Screen
* Screen and printed images shown in this catalog are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.