QV-R61 Home
One-Touch Direct REC/PLAY Mode Access
Press the REC button to power up in the REC mode, or the PLAY button for the PLAY mode. Separate mode-specific power buttons mean you can immediately start recording or viewing images as soon as the camera powers up. Just one more way the QV-R61 makes digital imaging simpler and more enjoyable.
* Approximate: using built-in memory, built-in flash off.
Big 2.0-inch Monitor Screen for Easy Viewing
The QV-R61 packs a big, 2.0-inch monitor screen into an amazingly compact configuration. A larger monitor screen means more detail, which really comes in handy when recording scenery and other similar types of images. Of course, the large monitor screen also makes viewing of recorded images more pleasant and enjoyable. The monitor screen is covered with a clear acrylic panel to protect it against impact and soiling.
High-speed Continuous Shutter (Up to three images at three images per second)
Holding down the shutter button in the high-speed continuous shutter mode records up to three images at a speed of three images per second. This is the perfect way to capture all of the action of subjects that are in motion.
Flash Assist for Automatic Flash Enhancement
The Flash Assist feature helps to make sure that people and the background behind them are properly illuminated when shooting indoors. Flash Assist automatically increases flash intensity so it reaches background subjects that are normally not illuminated by the normal flash.
Auto Macro Keeps You in Focus
The camera automatically switches to the appropriate focus mode when the shutter button is pressed. If the camera detects that the subject is in the range of 10cm to 70cm while the normal Auto Focus Mode is selected, it will automatically switch to the Macro Mode. This helps to ensure that images are always in focus, even if you forget to select the proper focus mode.
Previous model normal mode produces an out of focus image when the subject is too close.   Recording with Auto Macro automatically switches to the Macro Mode to keep the image in focus.
Icon Guide Simplifies Operation
Icon Guide help messages appear on the monitor screen in the REC mode to explain the meanings of icons as you use them.