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Simply follow the guidance that appears on the monitor screen to select the BEST SHOT scene that resembles the type of image you want to record, and the required camera settings are configured automatically. You can even save your own BEST SHOT Mode setups for instant recall whenever you need them.
A turn of the 8-position mode dial lets you select the mode you need in an instant. Whether you're using Manual Mode to configure shutter speed and aperture, or MOVIE BEST SHOT for automatic setups, the EX-Z750 is designed and engineered to put more fun into digital image recording and viewing.
The EX button is a shortcut key for configuring recording parameters. A press of the EX button displays an EX Menu, which provides instant access to settings that are most commonly used for recording images, arranged in four groups: Size, White Balance, ISO Sensitivity, and AF Area.
When recording, you can select from among three different Auto Focus area settings: spot (single focus area in the center of the monitor screen), multi (nine focus areas), or free (focus area can be located anywhere on the monitor screen). The AF area can be selected quickly and easily using the EX button.
If the subject is in the range of 10 cm to 50 cm, for example, the camera will switch to the Macro Mode automatically, even if the Auto Focus Mode is currently selected. This helps to ensure that your images are always in focus and reduces the chance of focus error.
Previous model normal mode produces an out of focus image when the subject is too close.
Recording with Auto Macro automatically switches to the Macro Mode to keep the image in focus.
Fully pressing the shutter button immediately focuses the image much more quickly than the normal Auto Focus of previous models. This means you don't have to worry about unfocused images when you ask someone else to operate the camera. This function also comes in handy when shooting fast-moving subjects.
With Zoom Continuous Shutter, pressing the shutter button records two images: the standard image plus an enlargement of a particular area of the standard image. Just another way the EXILIM helps you capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.
Even though it is equipped with an optical zoom lens, the EX-Z750 starts up in just 0.9 seconds*1 and has a release time lag of only 0.007 second.*2 High-speed scrolling during playback takes only about 10 seconds to scroll through 100 snapshots. A new high-speed continuous shutter mode records at a speed of about 0.9 seconds per image.
*1 Approximate; using built-in memory, built-in flash off.
*2 Approximate time from when the shutter button is fully pressed from focus lock until the image starts to be recorded (monitor screen and flash off).
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Screen and printed images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only.
Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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