Naurtech's CETerm Terminal Emulator Version 5.5

The device tailored CETerm terminal emulator Version 5.5 developed for DT-X11, DT-X7, IT-600 and DT-X30 series is a cost effective and well-proven application. It is the "best of breed" emulation client available for WindowsCE based handheld terminals, and offers you an "out-of-the-box" solution to access business data residing on IBM3270, IBM AS/400 (5250), VT hosts and HTML based Web Server from the CASIO terminals over Wireless LAN or Wireless Wide Area Network.

What's New in Version 5.5

 Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements: 

·          Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol.  CETerm now contains a feature-rich implementation of the Secure Shell Protocol. Both SSH-1 and SSH-2 protocols are supported, with a broad range of encryption and authentication options. Encryptions include AES-256, Blowfish, and Triple-DES. Authentication can use traditional passwords or public-key infrastructure (PKI). See the CETerm User Manual for complete details.

·          Extensive Additions to CETerm Scripting.  The CETerm Scripting feature was first introduced with Version 5.1 in April 2006.  Since then we have been very busy adding capabilities and hardware support.  Version 5.5 has integrated RFID hardware, both real and virtual serial ports, and provided access to many Windows CE system features.  With Scripting, you can build a locked-down launcher for multiple applications, integrate RFID with a TE application or automate complex workflows as just a few examples.  Version 5.5 uses the industry standard JavaScript language so you wonft waste time learning a limited proprietary language.  Please see the CETerm Scripting Guide for a full description of the features.

·          New Scripting Automation Objects.  Here is a partial list of the new automation objects in CETerm scripting:

1.       OS.Event – Named Event access and script launching.

2.       OS.File – File read, write, append, listing, copy, etc.

3.       OS.Process – Launch and control other programs.

4.       OS.Network – Ping, DNS, and FTP access.

5.       OS.Window – Find and control running programs.

6.       Device.SerialPort – Full integration of peripherals.

7.       Device.Keyboard – Keyboard control, system wide HotKeys

8.       Device.RFID – Control RFID reading and writing.

9.       Device.GPS – Direct access to the GPS functionality.(for DT-X30 only)

·          Additional Web Browser Extensions.  CETerm Industrial Web Browser now supports additional HTML META tags, JavaScript extensions and ActiveX controls to build more robust data collection applications.  These extensions allow you to control the device, its peripherals and application settings directly from your HTML page. It is truly the most robust platform to build web based Data Collection applications.  CETerm continues to support legacy Symbol Pocket Browser and Intermec IBrowse Meta tags as well.


·          More Network Awareness Features.  There are new features to allow recovery when a browser session loses connectivity during a page load.  Using these features and Network Alerts for lost RF connectivity will virtually eliminate dropped sessions without needing an expensive middleware server.  CETerm delivers a simpler operating environment and the lowest cost of ownership.

Please refer to the product manuals for details. You can also review the "Hot Tips" document in Naurtech knowledgebase.

Compatibility with Version 5.1
All settings configured for Version 5.1 work for Version 5.5.  Therefore terminals with Version 5.5 can be used in the same site where terminals with Version 5.1 have been working.

Note: CETerm 5.5 is released for DT-X11, DT-X7, IT-600 and DT-X30.

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