Improved productivity with the latest laser scanning engine

One of the main benefits of the IT-600 series is the enhanced laser scanning performance which enables the efficient reading of most industry standard 1D symbologies.
Other features which make the IT-600 second to none in scanning performance are the beam swing angle control function for precision bar code scanning, vibration scan confirmation for use in noisy environments, a learning function for improved efficiency and the choice of any one of three scan trigger keys depending on the operator's preference.
--   True mobility and secure connections

Boasting a wide array of functions essential for true mobility, the IT-600 is available with a built-in WLAN module (IT-600M30R/M30CR only).
The terminal has advanced, industry standard, encryption and authentication capabilities and operates at high speed in real time communications situations using either IEEE802.11b or IEEE802.11g standard.
These communication capabilities allow the terminal to seamlessly connect to remote host computers, making it ideally suited to warehousing and retail applications where secure access to real time information is crucial. Bluetooth® Ver. 1.2 comes as standard with all models.
Furthermore, the large capacity battery (3,700 mAh) and low-power consumption design combine to deliver long battery life, with up to 20 hours of continuous operation possible on a single charge.


  Rugged casing survives the elements in extreme environments

The IT-600 is designed and built for maximum durability in all weather conditions and for harsh handling by users. To ensure that the terminal is durable against dust, water and hard impacts, the IT-600 has been subjected to a series of severe assessment tests complying with International Standard IEC60529.
Consequently, the IT-600 meets protection level 5 for resistance to dust and protection level 4 for water-splash resistance.
As part of the extensive drop testing procedure, the IT-600 is dropped onto a concrete floor from a height of 1.2 meters (or 4.0 feet) with no adverse effects to its operation.

  Original CASIO digital technology enables capturing of images in all light conditions

The supersensitive CCD 1.0 mega pixel digital camera (IT-600M30C/M30CR only) enables the capturing of full color images.
Using optional software based on CASIO's proprietary digital technology, pictures can be taken in low-light environments and yet come out bright and detailed even when no flash is used.
This feature is especially useful in car parking enforcement situations during the evening where little natural light is available or in any vertical application that requires image evidence.
  Windows® CE 5.0 offers reliable and real time capabilities

The IT-600 uses Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0 as its operating system. This is an open, scalable, 32-bit operating system (OS) that makes reliable, real time communications with advanced Windows technologies possible.
Windows® CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative and flexible applications and solutions with the IT-600.

  Superb quality VGA resolution color screen

The large, transflective VGA (480 x 640 dots), TFT color LCD with 65,536 colors allows you to develop applications with incredibly detailed screens that are still comfortable to view for a full working shift. It is particularly suited to browser based applications.
The LCD screen incorporates an LED backlight which reduces power consumption and improves resistance to harsh impacts including drops from a height of 1.2 meters to concrete.
This combination of features means that the IT-600 can be used with confidence in all lighting conditions and in many harsh environments.
    miniSDTM card slot provides an additional storage option

A miniSD storage card slot is integrated inside the battery compartment of the IT-600. This enables the installation of extra storage for various uses such as the back-up of mission critical data. The IT-600 also has approximately 60MB of on-board Flash storage which can be used with CASIO's auto-recovery utility to ensure that users never lose the application or configuration settings from the terminal .

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