Pocket-sized and built in the style of a PDA, the IT-500 boasts stable operation for diverse tasks, has Windows® CE .NET 4.1 factory installed as its operating system and comes with a built-in laser scanner. Different versions are available with built in BluetoothTM, Wireless LAN for wireless communications and color digital camera for attaching pictures.

--   Capable of scanning industrial standard bar codes

The laser scanner integrated in all models of the series as standard, is capable of scanning any bar code symbology conforming with industrial standards including EAN, UPCA/E, NW-7/Codabar, Code39, Code93, Code128/EAN128, ITF, MSI/Plessy and IATA. The high resolution laser module will swing the laser beam right and left 100 times per second for smooth scanning and minimal operational errors. The whole scanning performance is outstanding in its class and second to none.
--   A wide selection of wireless communication standards

The IT-500 series comes with various wireless communications, giving users a choice to suit their communication environments in many vertical applications. Models are available with BluetoothTM integrated (IT-500M30B/M30CB) or with Wireless LAN compliant with IEEE802.11b (IT-500M30R/M30F/M30CR/M30CF) providing communication speeds up to a rate of 11 Mbps maximum. Users are able to select a model depending on their particular business requirement.
For models with Wireless LAN integrated, device-specific terminal emulation has been developed by Naurtech Corporation, for remote access to host computer systems. The terminal emulation comes available in either English version or 2-byte code language version.
--   Capturing information with pictures

A superb color digital camera is also available. With this, on-the-spot information can be backed up with pictures and saved into the IT-500 for transmission to a remote host computer via wireless or wired LAN.
Models (IT-500M30CR/M30CF/M30CB) with the digital camera are suitable for any business requirement where pictures and data are needed on the spot. For example parking enforcement, patrols, inspections and roadside accident reporting are suitable applications.
    Voice over IP

The IT-500 series features VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) making it possible to link to LAN-based Internet telephone. This feature, using optional application software, will provide you with quality voice and sound via the integrated microphone and speaker. Since VoIP requires Wireless LAN to transmit data in air, this feature is available on those models with Wireless LAN (IT-500M30R/M30F/M30CR/ M30CF).
  Designed and manufactured to withstand harsh handlings

The IT-500 series has been designed and manufactured to withstand harsh business environments.
It has dust and water-splash proof capabilities that are compliant with the International Standard IEC529, IP54, and shock resistance to withstand a fall from up to 1.0 meters in height, more than enough to meet business environments including outdoors in rainy conditions.

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