The new series of pen tablet PCs is introduced by CASIO. Two models of the new series, MPC-701M30E and MPC-701M50E, are designed and manufactured for all vertical applications. The MPC-701M30E integrates "8.4-inch VE-transflective TFT color LCD" suitable for any application under direct sunlight while the other comes with "8.4-inch transparent TFT color LCD", perfect for indoor applications.
Both models feature the following highlights.
  • Transmeta's CPU, TM5800 at 800MHz and the dual battery packs power system make possible to run continuously for over 10 hours*. The new dual battery packs power system features also with Hot Swap allowing continuous operation while changing a run down battery.

    [ * Actual operating hour may vary depending on application program you run ]
  • Besides the factory-installed software keyboard pops up on the display, the ten keyboard on the right side of the display allows the operator to have a secured feeling of clicking every time one of the ten key is pressed.
  • Both models are compliant with IPxII (IP code) to stand against water-splash or handling with wet hands.
  • All the interfaces conventionally required for pen tablet PCs are integrated as standard requiring no port replicator (or docking) for system expansion you may need in future.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional SP2 English Version is factory-installed.
  • Various kinds of software features very useful for vertical applications are integrated in both models.

    For example:
    - Unique combination keys function
    Using combinations of CTRL, ALT and the numeric keys (8 and 9), alphabets can be entered. This allows to enter DOS commands without an external key.
    - MakeKeyboard
    Because the layout of pen-input keyboard on the display can be freely customized, a unique keyboard fit just in your own application or in your mother tongue can be created.
    - MobileCockpit III
    This application software is residential software to manage and control intensively the optimum of the power supply, option device connections and the CPU operation.
    - 180-degree orientation display tool
    Indication on the display including touchpanel input can be positioned facing toward the opposite side rotating 180 degree. This feature is very useful for face-to-face business presentation using the PC.
    - User backup system
    Recovery method to restore the system from malfunction or fatal error.
    - Status report tool
    Report that contains the status of option devices being connected to the PC, the status of discharge, charge and current remaining power level on each installed battery, etc. will be available. This status report can be used to analyze a cause of malfunction occurred on the PC.

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