-- Up to 220 hours of continuous operation

With two AA alkaline batteries it is possible to operate continuously for up to 220 hours*1 on the DT-X5M10E model. Using the large capacity lithium-ion battery pack*2 on the DT-X5M10R/M30R models, it is possible to operate for 30 hours*3 even when used with a wireless LAN connection. The combination of power efficient components and high level power management functions has made it possible to achieve optimum battery performance. This helps minimize running costs and reduce daily operational costs.
*1 Based on 2 scans per 10 seconds
*2 15 hours with HA-A20BAT battery pack
*3 Standby : scan : wireless = 6.5 : 1.5 : 2
For DT-X5M10R/M30R, the lithium-ion battery pack (either HA-A20BAT or DT-5025LBAT) must be used. Alkaline batteries should not be used in these models. The DT-X5M10E/M30E models can use either type of batteries.
--   Rugged durability for inclement weather and harsh handling

With a strong magnesium inner case and tough resin outer case, the DT-X5 series can withstand a fall from up to 1.8 meters. It operates in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +50 °C and meets the IP54 level compliant with the IEC60529 standard for dust and splash protection. This makes it the ideal tool for a variety of tasks and working environments.


Superb scanning performance with integrated Laser scanner or C-MOS imager

The latest laser scanning engine and improved decoding algorithm integrated in the Laser scanner models. Laser swing angle control is also available. Successful scans can be confirmed with any combination of LED, buzzer or vibration for noisy environments. The industry standard 1D bar code symbologies supported by the Laser scanner and the C-MOS imager include those widely used in most business areas. Furthermore, the most widely used 2D symbologies such as PDF417, MicroPDF, Codablock F, etc. are supported by the C-MOS imager models. Refer to the specification on the last page for all the supported 1D and 2D symbologies.

    Clear display with white backlight

With a semi-transparent monochrome FSTN LCD, low-temperature tolerance, and white backlight which makes sharp contrast possible, the DT-X5 series ensures a clear view of information displayed on the screen. These features make it possible to operate the terminal on any occasion irrespective of the time of day, temperature, lighting conditions or location.
  Remote access to host computers using wireless communications

The DT-X5 series is available with a choice of standard wireless communications. All the models have Bluetooth®integrated as standard. In addition to Bluetooth®, the DT-X5M10R/M30R models are available with built-in IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN* which allows them to seamlessly connect to remote host computers. This makes it ideally suited to warehousing and retail applications where access to real time information is crucial.

*Optional device specific terminal emulation software, developed by Naurtech Corporation, for remote access to host computer systems will be available for the DT-X5M10R/M30R models.
--   Microsoft® Windows®CE .NET Operating System

The DT-X5 series uses Windows®CE .NET 4.1 as its operating system allowing you to connect information, people, systems and devices together. Windows®CE .NET offers extensive support for wireless communications via Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN. Application software can be developed using eVC++4.0 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 with either VB .NET or C#.

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