The CASIO DT-9000 Portable Terminal provides all the mobility of remote data communications coupled with the durability to withstand the toughest of operating conditions.High speed data processing and a large memory capacity combine with a lithium-ion battery power supply. This offers increased usage before recharges, a more compact and lightweight design, a large LCD screen and much, much more. From logistics and distribution to retail, transportation, finance, insurance and manufacturing, the DT-9000 is the perfect choice to make data collection and reporting more efficient than ever before.
  • Order receipt and issue
  • Inventory control
  • Warehouse control
  • Parcel collection and delivery tracking
  • Meter reading
and a variety of other data collection applications.

Big screen for route sales support

The touch panel input capabilities of the DT-9000's large screen are ideal for the on-site exchange and presentation of data to customers face-to-face. This is particularly useful for a host of different applications in the insurance services sector and many other industries.

High speed printing and high water splash proof

The DT-9000 is also available with an integrated thermal printer with a width of either 58 or 80mm. Both can produce a hardcopy output at high speed onto paper, labels or special two-part paper. This is essential in many service industries to show the results of inspection and maintenance, gas and water meter reading, ticket sales and other applications. Meeting world class IPx II water splash proof standards, DT-9000 can be used both indoors and outdoors, even whilst it is raining. Therefore, engineers can confidently collect meter readings and route sales data in the most demanding of weather conditions.

Powerful communication capabilities

Data can be transferred directly to a PC or between two DT-9000 Portable Terminals. A PCMCIA Radio Frequency(RF) card, compatible with the latest European standards, can also be used to send and receive data in real time from and to a PC, enabling almost unlimited options for creating a large scale LAN system. Furthermore, data can be sent to a host PC using a PCMCIA modem card plugging directly into a local telephone socket. Remote communications make it possible to be continuous updated on the latest inventory data enabling re-ordering to be timely and accurate. The versatility of the DT-9000's communication capabilities mean that you can configure your system for today's needs whilst retaining the ability to upgrade to alternative data transfer methods in the future.

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