The DT-800 series has been an outstanding success with tens of thousands of terminals installed. Now the DT-810 builds on this platform by adding enhanced levels of ruggedisation and performance including:

Integrated laser scanning for quick and easy data capture

100 scans per second ensure high speed data capture even if a bar code is badly printed on a curved or irregular surface.
Compact, lightweight design but built to withstand harsh treatment

The lightest weight in its class relieves users from fatigue over extended shift periods. In addition to the robust casing, the large LCD touch-panel is designed and built with toughened polycarbonate to provide enhanced levels of protection.
Software and hardware excellence

Casio's experienced technological know-how has made possible a compact, easy-to-use programming environment particularly optimised for the combined needs of laser scanning, signature capture and other forms of data capture to take full advantage of DT-810's superlative hardware features.
Electronic signature capture

The toughened touch screen enables signatures to be captured, displayed and stored immediately. Global installations at many leading Post Offices/express parcel delivery companies have made the DT-800, and now the DT-810, the de facto standard in the logistics industry for such applications as Proof of Delivery (POD).

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