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QT-6000 UK Success Story

Country : United Kingdom
Subsidiary / Dealer : CASIO Electronics CO. LTD./CBE
User : Envy nightclub
Location : Sligo, Ireland

Type of business and profile of user

Envy is a nightclub catering for 18-20 year olds in Sligo Ireland. It has been operating for 13 years. Open 6 days a week with a capacity of 1000 people, and being the official student nightclub in town, it is a very busy destination.

Model Name:


Installation Date:

January, 2006

System Configuration

8 x QT-6000's with Casio Hospitality software

Why Envy nightclub decided to use QT-6000?

Whe Envy nightclub were impressed with the speed and reliability of the QT-6000 and also found the touch screens easier and faster to use. Another important feature of the QT-6000 was that in the unlikely event a terminal would freeze, re-booting would only take 10-20 seconds. The local support that CBE offered the customer together with the reliability of the QT-6000 were the reasons that Envy nightclub chose to install the system.

Benefits to use Casio QT-6000

The benefits of the new system have been multiple. Firstly, it is reliable and after nine months of operation there have been no problems. This is vitally important in a business that relies on 2 hours of operation to make the majority of its revenue. If the till system is not operating properly during this time, then the business stands to loose a considerable sum of money. As Jude explains, "We could loose up to 10,000 Euro’s an evening if the till systems aren’t working". The reporting functionality of the QT-6000 allows Jude to manage his staff and business more effectively. By using a combination of sales reports including bar total, operator total and number of voids per operator, Jude is able to monitor staff performance. This allows him to easily and accurately reward staff who are making good sales.

Improvement of Envy nightclub after using the CASIO product

There have been important benefits for Jude in having the POS system linked into the back office software. This has allowed accurate measurement of stock versus sales. As the system has been set up to register the volume of alcohol required for each cocktail, the amount sold can be easily compared to the stock level in each bar. So when the stock sold doesn’t match the stock on hand, Jude is able to identify where this error may be occurring, discouraging bar staff from giving free drinks or being too generous with cocktails and potentially saving a significant amount of money. As Jude explains, “The system helps you make the decision”.

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