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Country : UK
Distributor : CASIO Electronics Co,LTD. (UK)
User Name : Esporta private sports clubs
Location : Scotland

(The Esporta Club Hamilton)

Esporta Leisure is part of a large expanding leisure group. Cunningham Cash Registers have supplied the company with various Casio machines over the years. The Esporta clubs originally installed the TK range of machines using the VHS system. Over the last few months each site will be upgraded by installing 48 Casio QT-2000 machines.
The above site in Hamilton near Glasgow is typical of the Esporta. Each club normally consists of Swimming pool, Fitness areas, Weights areas, Health and Beauty salons and Bar/Restaurant areas.

(Health salon)

The Hamilton installation consists of three QT-2000 machines sharing a thermal printer on the reception area for admission. Two QT-2000 machines in the Bar/Restaurant area with Kitchen printer link for food ordering. Last but not least one QT-2000 in the Health and Beauty Salon.

Cunninghams have used the same program in all machines using a different keyboard level to alter the machines use. ( ie. Level one Reception, two Bar and three Health).


Esporta wanted a machine that was in keeping with their professional high tech image. The QT-2000 fitted the bill exactly. Cunninghams wanted to install a machine, which was easy to program and maintain. The QT-2000 with its unique Flash Eprom for storing the machines operating system and a safe backup of the customers program was ideal. The programmers at Cunninghams can program the QT-2000 faster then a TK machine.

In summary the customer installed the QT-2000 because:

It has a small foot print and projects a hi tech sophisticated image.

Easy to use and train staff.

Could be millennium compatible.

Floating Cashiers and Table tracking.

Kitchen printer link.

Cunninghams installed the QT-2000 because:

Easy to program.

Easy to install due to roll-out pressure.

Quick and simple to train staff.

Reliable in both hardware and software.


EPOS System QT-2000 Hits Hard in the Gym.

Casio systems division in conjunction with Cunningham cash registers has now installed a total of 54 QT-2000 pads in their seven well-established Esporta private sports clubs. Esporta are so happy they will be installing another 14 pads in two sites that are currently under construction. Lawerance Bailey of Cunningham Cash Registers said "Esporta chose the QT-2000 because it is small, quick, quiet and met most of their needs." When I asked Lawerance Baily about the Y2K issue he said "I am very happy, Casio has attended to this issue before some of my customer were even aware there could be a problem, so I was fully prepared for this question well in advance with all of it's current models." 

Highlands Takes the QT-2000 And Casio Software.

Cash Register Supplies, based in Narin Scotland have recently installed a total of ten QT-2000s in two sites with Casio software. The first installation is in Mackays Hotel, which is a moderately sized hotel and the other is the Seaforth Highlanders club a social club for the local soldiers. The installations are in Wick in the county of Caithness, which is in the vast highlands of Scotland. Warren Campbell, Robert Baldwin and Andrew Cameron of the systems division are all very proud of their Scottish ancestry. "We wanted everyone to see that no matter how far you go you cannot get away from the Casio system division and it's products." Albert Czaja of Cash Register Supplies "I installed the QT-2000 because it was ideal for the job and with it being so far away from my office I needed a reliable system." Albert told me he not worried about the millennium as he was going to be far away in another country soaking up the sun with his family.

Joe Larraz (EPOS Business Development manger) Says;

I'm not worried about the so called millennium bug, lots of measures have been taken to make sure it's alright, not just in CASIO but in lots of other companies and countries. About 11:30pm I will take my dog for a walk and take a look at the world where I live before the dawning of a new age. I'm sure they will be a lot of changes before too long, perhaps I will even see world peace. I will spend the new year in front of the television watching Big Ben chime in the new millennium with my wife, family and pet dog."

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