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Success Story in Goods-out Control

Summary of the story

Importer/Distributor : GEO TI Corporation
Customer : KGB Logistics Co., Ltd.
Location : Okcheon, ChungBuk Province
Product : DT-X8-10E
Application : Goods-out control

User’s profile

User Name : KGB Logistics Co., Ltd
Business Area : Transportation and Logistics
Employee : over 150
Branch Offices : over 1,000

KGB Logistics' terminal implemented and using DT-X8 for Goods-out control application.

Superiority to be chosen

KGB Logistics had used two kinds of W-LAN PDA before using DT-X8. Those are local PDAs.
The main reasons why KGB chooses DT-X8 are
1.Longer Battery Life
2.Faster Wi-fi connection & Data Transmission
3.Superior Durability

After implementation of DT-X8, the customer is being satisfied with all the above three key points KGB Logistics had concerns for the local PDAs’ in their daily operation.

40 units of DT-X8-10E are kept and re-charged in a shelf for the daily operation.

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