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Success Story in Gas Meter Reading

Summary of the story

Importer/Distributo : Ark Tech Ltd.
Customer : Hsinhai Gas
Location : Taipei , Taiwan
Product : CASIO IT-800R-05 Handheld Terminal
Application : Gas Meter Reading

User’s Profile

Hsinhai Gas had been announced to be a public traded company since 1998.
Year turnover 2257 million NTD.
It’s a public gas service industries.

Business range: To provide ignitability natural gas as fuel through a guide tube and also provide gas tube as well as the design & construction about gas related security equipment.

Casio IT-800 Helps Innovation Come True

Hsinhai Gas used DT-9000 to execute copies the gas table work on past, Due to its parts had stopped production and Hsinhai Gas had renewed OS from Win 98 upto Win XP, therefore they decided to buy new equipment. Based on customer’s request to provide two kinds of machines for the comparison by copies the gas table personnel, so ARK TECH provided two MODEL CASIO IT-800 & CIPHER LAB 9600 for user’s consideration. Hsinhai Gas had used 35 units DT-9000 around 8 years and knew its stability & durability are all very nice. From the using record on maintenance rate, 1st year - 4% , 2nd year - 6%, 3rd & after –8% To develop machine’s function to the acme condition, one good H/W must match with good operation S/W. We invested in S/W development personnel to satisfy user’s requirement,so they adopted S/W modification. Hsinhai are very concerned the durability of keyboard & clarity of screen for copying the gas table, both functions are all strong, so they decided to choose IT-800 finally.

Application images

Hardware Configuration

Hsinhai Gas has purchased 35 units of IT-800 series PDAs with the following hardware configuration.

- IT-800R-05 Handheld PDAs
- HA-H60IO USB Cradle c/w USB cable
- HA-D21LBAT Large size Battery
- HA-D32DCHG Dual Battery Charger

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