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Success Story in Distributing Sweet Products

Summary of the story

Importer/Distributor : Mersa Elektronik & Teknolojik Ürünler Ticareti A.Ş. /
  : Datateknik Bilgisayar Sistemleri Tic. ve San. A.Ş.
Customer : Atlantik Gida of Ülker group
Location : Istanbul, Turkey
Product : CASIO DT-X30GR-10 Handheld Terminal
Application : Distribution

User’s Profile

Atlantik Gida is a marketing company of the Ülker group who is literally the leader and largest food and beverage producer in Turkey with 10 manufacturing plants outside of the country. Atlantik Gida ’s role in the group is to distribute cake and chocolate products which are the core products of Ülker group exported internationally to 78 countries. The company is also a user of the Casio DT-X10 and DT-X11 series handheld terminals since years ago. Over 2,000 pcs of the terminals are still in service helping the sales persons * day and night to efficiently and accurately distribute sweet products best in the world to their clients.

* Diction: sales person who also drives truck to deliver products.

Casio DT-X30 Helps Innovation Come True

Checking the latest stock of products and delivery routes by operating the DT-X30 before commencing delivery of products.

Atlantik Gida employs the Direct Store Delivery (“DSD”) method to directly deliver sweet products from their manufacturing plants to retail stores throughout the country. To make these stores satisfactory as well as retrieving accurate information efficiently and delivering products in time possible, the company has been focusing many years on how their delivery system can be improved specifically in the following bullet points.

delivery in time

order timely

order in accurate quantity

return in accurate quantity


In collaboration with the company a year ago, Datateknik Bilgisayar Sistemleri Tic. ve San. A.S. has carefully analyzed and carried out troubleshoot their old intuitive delivery system including individual operation at delivery points and by sales person. After having a huge amount of time piled up in the analysis process, they had reached a solution that composes an IT device with the capability of communication technologies. It is the Casio DT-X30 series Industrial Handheld Terminal. The device features with wireless communication in short range via Bluetooth and WLAN, and in wide area via WWAN (EGPRS(EDGE), GPRS, GSM) and GPS as well. The integrated WWAN module in the terminal provides stable on-demand communication unlike wireless communication provided by an option card in handheld terminal. The wireless communication capability and the GPS feature bring the company an innovation in the delivery operation.

A sales person verifies each carton box by scanning the printed bar code before loading into his truck.

For instance, the new technology enables the company
(1) to seek most desired delivery route and a sales person situated in the vicinity to the pickup point for a sudden route change or abrupt request by client by memorizing in the DT-X30 delivery routes of all the sales men for the day,
(2) to realize smooth delivery by a substitute when the originally assigned sales person is absent. All is controlled and operated in the headquarters remote from the delivery trucks.

Other improvement to emphasize according to the company is the WLAN capability that significantly reduces a total time period for downloading various data in the morning from the headquarters to 5 to 10 minutes for approximately 40 sales persons, a far cry from the previous system which took 1 to 2 hours for the same volume of data to download via cradle. This obvious and visible effect is certainly appreciated by the company.

Typical Hardware Configuration

At front of shelf in client’s store, a sales person checks on-shelf stock and enters a quantity of item in the DT-X30 to place order to the headquarters.

Atlantik Gida has started the deployment of the innovative delivery system with Casio DT-X30GR-10 in September 2009 to their sales persons with the below hardware configuration. The company has another future plan which is the second stage to expand the innovative delivery system further throughout Turkey.

DT-X30GR-10 with battery pack installed

HA-G20BAT (Battery Pack)

HA-G60IO (USB Cradle)

HA-G32DCHG (Dual Battery Charger)

Access-Point for WLAN operation

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