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Success Story in Traffic Control and Enforcement

Summary of the story

This is a true success story of Traffic Control and Enforcement by public police office in India which began since July this year as pilot project. The police office deploys the Traffic Regulatory Management System with 70 units of Casio IT-3000 series Industrial Data Terminal at its initial stage to all the offices and police officers.
Importer/Distributor : Purple Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Customer : Tamil Nadu Police and Uttarakhand Police, India
Location : City of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu State in India
Product : CASIO IT-3000 Industrial Data Terminal
Application : Traffic Control and Enforcement

Background Reason

Information Technology has revolutionized our lives, conventional methods of operation have been replaced in almost every walk of life. Though much effort has been taken to integrate IT into management, a lot remains to be done. Today, information is the key and those who have it at their finger tips and use it, manage things better. In order to reap the benefits of technology and to keep pace with information, Casio India distributor Purple Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has developed a state-of-the-art Traffic Regulatory Management System.

Indian police officer enters offence data into the Casio IT-3000 Industrial Data Terminal

A major drive has been undertaken by the Government of India in the area of traffic management and it has come forward to support the Indian police across India to help in reducing traffic violations and have agreed to deploy the necessary tools and investments to augment this process. Moving forward a pilot project was initiated at Trichy city in Tamil Nadu and at Dehradun in Uttarkhand state. After seeing the success of the pilot project more states in India are planning to deploy the TRMS (“Traffic Regulatory Management System”) solution in various cities. Purple has deployed Casio IT-3000 series for this project and is hopeful of gaining sizable market share in the mobility industry.

“Total Automation of Ticket Process” at a Glance

Image photo of the “Traffic Regulatory Management System”

The Traffic Regulatory Management System (“TRMS”) comprises of desktop PC and printers at various traffic control offices including traffic divisional officers, handheld computer with built-in printer which is the Casio IT-3000 Industrial Data Terminal to the field force for issuing on-the-spot fine tickets, GPRS connectivity provided by a third party PC card in the IT-3000 for accessing information from the central server to the Casio. Software built on platform RDBMS/Oracle-9 for storing signature and photographs in digital format, the central server at traffic headquarters which would be the backbone of the traffic police, connectivity between RTO (“Regional Transport Office”) and the central server for daily update of license/recorded vehicle information, communication/application software to transmit data from the central server to divisional offices/RTO's/Casio IT-3000.

The Traffic Regulatory Management System is;

A state-of-the-art Online Traffic Management System

First time in India

Dynamic, intelligent and efficient

Replaces all manual operations

Easy monitoring and regulation of traffic

Quick access to vehicle and license Information on the spot

Instant spot fine booking

Instant access to previous offence history

Features of E-Challan (Ticket) Application on IT-3000

The communication between the server and the IT-3000 is through either WLAN or GPRS * .

Every ticket issued has a unique number.

The IT-3000 system is to access from the main server and display upon request, pop-up tables/codes, vehicle and license details, all types of offences, fines, ticket types, vehicle details, etc., in order to minimize the amount of data to be inserted by the police officer.

The system is able to access from the main server data relating to previous offences of a particular violator.

The IT-3000 system is able to input and print multiple offences on the same ticket.

The date and time of offence to be printed on the ticket is generated automatically by the IT-3000, thus minimizing manual insertion of data. When keying the type of offence the IT-3000 software inserts the fine amount automatically.

Ticket validation: The IT-3000 software validates ticket fields automatically before the ticket is printed. The system ensures that certain fields are properly completed before allowing the ticket to be printed.

When downloading application software or pop-up tables or lists to the IT-3000, or uploading ticket records to the server, synchronization of IT-3000 system is automatic, in order to minimize human intervention.

Automatic uploading of data (tickets) to the DB Server.

Viewing previous offence history: The application provides features where in when a vehicle number is entered, the server is able to send all the details relating to the vehicle including previous offence history and outstanding amount due from previous offences.

Day end reports are sent to all the senior police officials via SMS * from the central server.

Solution enables traffic field personnel to access the back end vehicle database via GPRS * to the IT-3000.

The Handheld application has the capability to print data from the built-in thermal printer.

Automatic adjustment of screen lighting levels for indoor and outdoor since data access will be from the field.

Has the capability to encrypt data residing on the IT-3000.

* the feature is scheduled to take place in near future.

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