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Success Story in Delivery Logistics

Summary of the story

Country : Austria
Distributor : Movis Mobile Vision GmbH
Customer : Brau Union Österreich AG
Product : IT-3000M53E Industrial Data Terminal
Application : Delivery

User’s profile

Brau Union Österreich AG with its headquarters in Linz Austria is a part of the Heineken Corporation. With the consistent brand policy and more than 2,200 dedicated employees, the company has acquired 50 percent of the market proportion in the beer and drink sector, and consequently achieved annual turnover of €500 million. The well known brands of Heineken, Zipfer, Gösser, Kaiser, Puntigamer, Edelweiss and Schlossgold owned by the company are a guarantee for high quality and service spectrum. 50,000 or more of their customers, mainly partners from the food industry, are supplied with fresh beverages from eight breweries and 34 sales storage sites.

The role of the CASIO terminal in the project

To meet various customer service requirements in the future, Brau Union Österreich AG has purchased 300 delivery vehicles and 400 pcs, including spare units, of the CASIO IT-3000M53E industrial data terminal – an innovative multifunctional terminal - for 34 sales storage locations throughout Austria. In each delivery vehicle, one piece of the IT-3000 terminal is loaded to help the optimization of the delivery logistics and efficient information process.

The driver operates the CASIO IT-3000 to process a new order from customer.

The range of the functions and ease of operation are adapted by Mowis – the most established drinks and fresh foods solution software on the market - specifically to suit the requirements of their delivery service. Pre-commissioned orders can be edited or corrected by the customer during the journey to the destination and new orders are to be made and printed as required. A signature can be input on the touch panel before the document with that signature is printed out. Brau Union Österreich AG had completed this project in December 2006.

The truck driver checks delivery items and each quantity using the CASIO IT-3000 before starting a day.

A compliment from the expertise

“The range and functions of the IT-3000 handheld terminal are developed specially to fulfill the requirements of mobile data recording in the service industry, perfectly harmonizing with the mobile Mowis® Software and our central ERP system with its neutral operating system platform. The exchange of data and necessary software update can be carried out with no problem whatsoever”, said Ernst Kashofer, a system consultant for the mobile solution in the field of Organization & Information Technology.
The problems in the delivery operation specifically solved or reduced by the IT-3000 terminal are;

More work in the preparation of customer receipts

More difficulty in handling by the drivers due to a large number of customer receipts

Calculation error in cash payment (in quantity correction)

More subsequent entries and checks

Error correction in manual entry

Archiving of customer receipts

Difficulty in reading due to hand-writing

Unclear customer receipts and difficult to understand

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