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DT-X5M10E with a collaboration of Bluetooth printer wins the superiority in Russian retail market

Summary of the story

Distributor : Geksagon
Customer : TOPSHOP boutique shop by Eleona Group Company
Location : In Moscow, Russia
Product : DT-X5M10E Industrial Handheld Terminal
Application : Retail

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A modern and elegant storefront at the TOPSHOP

In autumn 2006,  Eleona Group Company   had started developing franchise under the name of "TOPSHOP" boutique chain stores selling men and women accessories and clothes in mid-price range. The first 1,000-square-meter TOPSHOP store was opened in the Evropeiskiy Trade Center in Moscow, Russia. Opening the new chain store required the renewal of price change system. One of the unique features this new chain store will have is that price change can be carried out for selective items for a special occasion or event while the other chain shops still do not. In other chain shops, price change is carried out for whole items at a time, for example, at summer-end sales in autumn.   Eleona Group Company , however, has persisted the necessity of choosing a new price change system. "When we change prices, we print price labels prior to changing the prices and then

change all the price labels on the selling floor or in the back-yard office. When the price change must be carried out under the old system for specific items only, it is very difficult for us to find out the items among enormous number of items on the selling floor and in the back-yard office in the store. It is a time consuming job obviously, but must be complete even if we are in a tight schedule, for example, before open hour for the day".

The reason behind the adoption of a new IT system

Using fixed printers to these ends usually resulted in a great number of errors including in the bookkeeping and management and in waste of time. That is why   Eleona Group Company   had made a decision to adopt a new IT system in the store that would meet their requirements in functionality, reliability, quickness, ease of use, maintenance and cost performance. On the other hand, the new IT system must be interoperable with the current system and its software the store has.  

Organizing the new project

"When we plan to open the new chain store, we started up with new IT project for "other approach to changing prices", said Mr. Oleg Andreev, IT director of   Eleona Group Company . "Before starting up the project we had to choose an IT supplier and contractor who would be capable to meet our requirements for the new IT system".  
Hence,   Geksagon   was chosen as the contractor in th project. They have worked out successfully in the Russian market with automatic identification systems and are an official importer and distributor of CASIO over 10 years. "We have chosen   Geksagon   among candidates for the project because of several reasons. Taking into account our business aims, we have paid close attention to resources and relevant experiences including customer support that each candidate has", said the IT director. 

Collaboration with the CASIO and Bluetooth printer wins the prize

Geksagon   proposed a very unique comprehensive solution for scanning and printing labels.  
The solution was based on the interoperability between the portable data terminal -   CASIO DT-X5M10E   - and a Bluetooth mobile printer operatedwith the "GOODS" software which is developed by   Geksagon . The software runs for storing stock data, receiving and shipping the products, and also for printing price labels via the Bluetooth printer when price change must be carried out on demand base for selective items while the store clerks are in a busy moment.

The DT-X5M10E quickly scans a bar code printed on price label attached to a women cloth

The new IT system with DT-X5M10E and Bluetooth printer makes the on-demand price change possible.

Now,   Eleona Group Company   receives the reputation as one of the most advanced Russian retail industry in IT investment who implements the new shop operations system including the capability of handling goods in/out, inventory, stock taking and article price change. The collaboration with   CASIO DT-X5M10E   handheld terminal and the Bluetooth printer wins the superiority - Operation Excellence -. 

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