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Success Story in Store Automation with IT-600

Summary of the story

Distributor : CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Customer : Tobu Store Co., Ltd. in Tokyo Japan (supermarket chain stores)
Location : In Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba prefectures
Product : IT-600 series Handheld Terminal
Application : Store Automation

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Tobu Store Co., Ltd. is supermarket chain stores selling mainly a variety of dairy products, commodities, clothes, and household products in the Tokyo metropolitan area including Saitama and Chiba prefectures in Japan. Under the corporate philosophy "Serving and contributing to people living in the regional area", it operates around-the-clock with totally 49 stores, 18 in Tokyo, 26 in Saitama prefecture, and 5 in Chiba prefecture respectively. In approximately 80 percent of those stores, the operating hour extends to either 24 hours or as late as the mid night convenient for shoppers in the area to purchase fresh, safe and reliable goods and groceries joyfully at any time of a day which is also their objective in expanding the store network.

The CASIO IT-600 expedites the store automation in optimum way

Since in 1995, Tobu Store has been employing CASIO handheld terminals in their ordering process. However, the store begins recently to look for a portable device that can timely display on-demand essential information for each store to carry out the job in more efficient way. While comparing software and hardware features with several devices including the CASIO IT-600 series (DT-5200 series for the Japanese domestic market), they learn the following superiority on the CASIO over other competitors which finally becomes the clincher.
High speed process in the cost-per-performance and the terminal comes with integrated WLAN capability as standard.
A variety of solution packages is available for expansion in future.
Operability with the center trigger key and the mobility with rounded shape of the housing.
Operating power by the installed battery pack lasts a long period of continuous use.

Having the decisive decision of the store top managements, CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. has had deployed all terminals in all the stores by October in 2006. From then on, each clerk responsible for processing the jobs has been allocated with one terminal to get the jobs done which remarkably contribute to the following noteworthiness discovered by the clerks especially in check and entry processes.

All job processes can be carried out at the front of shelf or checkout counter in store without returning to the back office where the back-office computer is located. Every time a job process is carried out or information inquiry is made.
All the processes can be carried out timely and smoothly using the terminal deployed at each store.
Any one of the store employees can check a product related information, at the front of shelf or checkout counter, such as sales price, information on whether the item meets the company's own sell-by date standard, detailed product information, etc.
Order history on each item (sales quantity, delivered quantity, last permissible sales hour of a day, information for sales promotion) provided on the terminal helps the store clerk achieve a further accurate ordering process.

One of the store jobs is get done quickly and easily with the IT-600 terminal in carrying case

On top of the job processes currently possible with the CASIO IT-600 series , the store has a plan to extend to the price markdown * labeling using the terminal as well as foresight in the use of communication tool with the terminal by collaborating with groupware (or collaborative software).

* ; Price markdown is a deliberate reduction rate (in percentage or fixed amount) in the selling price of goods or groceries.

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