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DT-X5M10R helps inventory control in the Siberia Region

Summary of the story

Importer/Distributor : Geksagon
Customer : Colorlon
Location : Siberia region in Russia
Product : DT-X5M10R Industrial Handheld Terminal
Application : Retail

User's profile

Colorlon  is a manufacturer of plastic building materials such as wall panel "Belka", and a big local importer in Russia for building materials and equipment importing from Asia, mainly from Korea. Since the found of the establishment, the company has extended its outlets to build up a huge network. The outlets affiliated with the company are "Colorlon" shop, "Childhood Friend" shop, "Crockery" shop, "All for a home" household shop, etc. The total size of floor area adding all these affiliated outlets exceeds over 15,000 square meters. 

An outlet view of one of affiliated shops of Colorlon

What are reasons the user shows a thumb up to DT-X5M10R?

For processing their product inventory and other product in-out controls,   Colorlon  has been using old-fashioned batch handheld terminals with non-touch panel for a long period. However, since the terminals became outdated device in these days and could not meet today's business requirements, they finally made a decision to dispose of them and to look for a contemporary electronics device which can consequently contribute to the productivity in the logistic control processing. They relied on a new electronic device in particular to create not only efficiency but also profit in several-fold by reducing its work forces. "A device what we are looking for must be capable to meet these features", said a manager of the project team in the company.
Prime features the company persisted are;
Wireless communication via IEEE802.11b standard
Ten keys and function keys which can be pre-assigned freely for specific performances
High speed and reliable built-in laser scanner for reading industrial standard bar code symbologies
Factory installed WindowsCE .NET operating system for friendly and familiar development environment
Durability against inclement weather in the Siberia region

Over several preliminary choices offered by competitors, they nominated the CASIO DT-X5M10R handheld terminal with built-in scanner and the capability of IEEE802.11b compatible wireless communication as one of the high ranked candidates. In addition to the primary features they had persisted, the CASIO DT-X5M10R offered the following amazing features which are second to none.

Ergonomic Design

The company has carefully focused into "Ergonomic Design" with other several competitor models. Because, they had learned from using the old-fashioned terminals that how important to have the shape of body that can perfectly fit into user's palm was the key for reducing fatigue of their work forces. After having a thorough study on each hardware of the competitor models, they shown a thumb up to the CASIO indicating the best that could meet the requirement one hundred percent.

CASIO DT-X5 perfectly fits into one's palm

One-hand Operation

In long period of using the old-fashioned terminals, their work forces had accustomed to the one-hand operation. It allows the user to handle other item with one empty hand while holding the terminal with the other hand. Thus, it is a "MUST" for the company to have with the new candidate terminal. The project team has carried out a feasibility study on this point with other terminals. The comfort when the terminal fits into the palm and the mobility by empty hand while holding the CASIO have been proved superior over other terminals by the CASIO.  

Typical one-hand operation by clerk while holding ceramic ware with her left hand

Typical hardware configuration

  DT-X5M10R Industrial Handheld Terminal
  DT-5025LBAT Large Capacity Lithium-ion Battery Pack
  HA-A60IO Bridge Basic Cradle

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