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Success Story of Parking System in Turkey

Summary of the story

Country : Turkey
Distributor : MOBIT BILISIM A.S
Customer : The city of Izmit
Product : IT-3000M53E Industrial Data Terminal
Application : Public Service

User's profile and a solution to parking problems

The city of Izmit is a province east of the Marmara Sea and the Marmara region which connects Asia and Europe, and located in ヌatalca-Kocaeli part of Marmara. The Black Sea is to its north, the Sakarya province is in the east and south east, Bursa is in the south and the provinces of Yalova and Istanbul are located to its west.

The local municipality has devised a system consisting of the CASIO IT-3000M53E industrial data terminal to reduce the number of illegally parked vehicles at roadside and to improve traffic flows incoming to the city and outgoing from the city. This idea also contributed to the city the increase of the city's revenue and avoidance of traffic jams.

The warden begins to operate the CASIO IT-3000M53E as soon as he finds a vehicle parked at roadside.

The warden issues parking ticket in return of collecting parking fee.


By Jul 2008, Mobit Bilisim A.S . – an importer and distributor for CASIO PA products in Turkey - has delivered and deployed 20 pcs of the CASIO terminal with the terminal software preinstalled as initial installation to the local municipality. A training to operate the terminal is also provided timely for all the city’s wardens whose duty is to issue parking tickets and collect the fees.

System Configuration

The parking control system consists of the IT-3000M53E terminal and the HA-B61IO (Bridge Satellite Cradle). All 20 pcs of the terminal are operated daily by the wardens on streets, and 1 pc of the HA-B61IO located in the office is used at the end of a day to upload data to the host computer. This allows complete management review on daily transaction recorded by each warden and accurate analysis for better performance and increase of the city's revenue.

Each one of the wardens has responsibility to control up to 12 vehicles (maximum) which can be fit within an area at roadside where yellow line distinguishes from traffic area. The warden must input data into the terminal such as registration number, parking start and end hours, and issue ticket of the parking. At the end of each parking, he (or she) collects the fee. The whole process of the parking control on street is performed by the IT-3000M53E terminal alone.

A sample screen of the application appeared on the CASIO terminal.

A sample of parking tickets issued by the CASIO terminal.

Why did the user select the CASIO ?

To this day, the city had used many different types of parking equipment and hardware for controlling parking on roadside. Most of them forced the city to educate the wardens complicated installation process which resulted in environmental destruction and spending high cost. Other problem with those systems is unreliable and less systematic. For example, fixed park meters had been installed to collect fees, but they do not allow the management to control data for their analysis related to the parking.

The new parking system with the CASIO terminal solves these problems and thus is dispersed rapidly throughout the city. To be specific more to the solution beneficial from the new system, the following is prominent.

Large display screen allows the operator to track large number of vehicles at a time.

Integrated 80mm width printer provides fast and quality printout.

The terminal weighs only 820 grams, ease to carry.

Heavy and complicated installation process is not required.

Total cost of the new system is far less compared with that of obsolete parking systems being installed in many parking areas.

Synchronization with PC is possible.

Easy data input on the touch panel allows better performance by the warden.

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