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The municipal police of Bologna

Summary of the story

Country : Italy
Distributor : Nordelettronica s.r.l 
Customer : The municipal police of Bologna
Location : The municipal town of Bologna
Terminal : IT-500M30CB Handheld Terminal
Business Type : Public Service

Story at a glance

The CASIO IT-500M30CB rugged terminal with digital camera and Bluetooth interface integrated, and the application software from BraV running on the terminal can capture an image of vehicle in parking and its license plate, control the type of parking and payment, and print out notification of illegal parking on time using a portable Bluetooth printer connected to the terminal via Bluetooth interface. The application particularly innovates the public service and manages the vehicle parking in a more effective way.

"Ausiliari della sosta" who is a part of the municipal policy of Bologna is on duty checking an illegally parked vehicle.

The town of Bologna in Italy has adopted since last October, a new information processing system configured with BraV ´s application program installed on the IT-500 portable terminal which satisfies all the exigencies relating to the control of the parking. The police officers entitled to this service, baptized "Auxiliary of the parking" and pertaining to the municipal police force of Bologna, can control easily with an information appeared on the screen, for example if a motorist on public highway had paid the sum due illegal parking.cle.
This solution also provides other very special functionalities; it indeed makes it possible to take a photograph of vehicle precisely where it parks, while recording and certifying in an undeniable way that the vehicle illegally parks in a place where the parking is prohibited, or beyond the time limit resulting in penalty.
In the event of such illegal parking BraV ´s software and the IT-500 terminal also make it possible to take a photograph of the vehicle license plate of the offender. In this way, all captured undeniable evidences with the digital camera are either recorded in the memory of the terminal or printed on real time using the portable printer that is hung on the belt.

IT-500 terminal with a portable Bluetooth printer hung on the belt print out a fine against illegally parked vehicle.

Such the solution constitutes a significant first in Italy, even if many municipalities currently work on similar projects or evaluate similar applications. For its part, CASIO has a great experiment in this field and can assert many existing installations.

"It is the end of error of illegal parking. We intend as soon as possible to deploy the terminals for the agents who are in charge of controlling parking, that is to say more than 150 people" said a municipal officer of Bologna. All the municipal policemen will carry the portable terminals while they are on duty. CASIO considers with reason the public administration an extremely promising sector, in particular with regard to the solutions of ticketing, control of the control or layby of the payment.

The effects are obvious and already quite real for the town of Bologna. By adopting this system, the town of Bologna recorded, as of the first weeks, an enormous reduction of the infringements erroneous, generally due to errors of distraction at the time of the information of the fields and the transcription of the serial number, which involved particularly unpleasant situations formerly. "Moreover, before, the employees of the municipality of Bologna were to manually transfer from enormous quantity of data in the system of management, or to control them personally when they were read again by OCR reader" comments on Stefano Vaccari, the system engineer who developed the BraV application software starting from the exigencies of the émiliene city and partner of Nordelettronica s.r.l who is an authorized CASIO distributor in Italy. And that is only one of the many advantages of the system which in general allows the auxiliaries parking, more effectively of supporting the work of the municipal police officers. "The greatest benefit offered by this solution..." summarizes Luca Tarozzi " ... it is that we do not have any problem ! The system, in its hardware and software components, is rigorously stable. The true advantage of the system, as a whole, lies in the reduction in the erroneous infringements, and a greater productivity". This increases in the productivity results the speed of the system, which also comprises a greater satisfaction of the personnel of service. Thanks to a broad acceptance on behalf of the operators, it was possible to exploit all the possibilities rationalization offered by this new solution. Moreover, the use of the integrated digital camera appeared particularly advantageous.

With a construction similar to a conventional PDA but of particularly reduced size and a thickness, extremely robust and thus intended for a professional use, the CASIO IT-500M30CB is equipped with integrated laser scanner for reading bar codes, Bluetooth module for wireless communication, digital camera for capturing images. It can adapt to all the professional environments, inside or outside, thanks to its large TFT color screen.

Model number of the terminal

IT-500M30CB a compact and rugged terminal with laser scanner, digital camera and Bluetooth module integrated as standard.

An external view of the CASIO IT-500 series handheld terminal

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