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Nursing care support

Properly administer medication as prescribed by scanning patient ID, nurse ID, and medication information. Input basic information such as the patient's body temperature and blood pressure in the hospital room and send the data to an electronic medical record system.
Reduce medical errors such as incorrect administration of medication. Alleviate nurse workloads by reducing PC data input.


Drug management

Scan drug or shelf barcodes and cross-check against medication instructions. Verify the patient and medication instructions before administering medication.
Prevent dispensing of incorrect medications and drug administration errors.


Medical checkup

By inputting data for each medical checkup item, rapidly and accurately process data for multiple medical tests and efficiently manage data.
Reduce human error and efficiently conduct group medical checkups by managing patient information and medical samples using barcoded data.


Geriatric care support

Input care information, vital information, consultation details, and other information into handheld terminals. Provide appropriate care while viewing the previous day's information.
Dramatically reduce work required for communication tasks by automatically preparing daily reports and caregiver messages.


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