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Sing Along
Connect the microphone and enjoy singing along as you play!
Connect a microphone and you can sing along with the 50 built-in Sing Along tunes!
Connecting a microphone and pressing the SING ALONG button automatically reduces the volume of the melody parts of the Sing Along tunes!
Microphone volume control and key control capabilities let you adjust accompaniments to suit your voice!
Key Lighting System
Keys light according to the notes of built-in tunes, notes you recorded, or MIDI data received from an external source. Key Lighting can be turned on or off as required.
Advanced 3-Step Lesson System
3-Step Lesson lets you practice at your own pace, while a new scoring system provides you with an idea of how much you have improved from session to session. All of this helps to make keyboard practice more enjoyable, even for beginners.
Advanced 3-Step
Lesson System Buttons
1 Use 3-Step Lesson to practice at your own pace.
2 Use the SCORING 1 (Step 1 evaluation) and SCORING 2 (Step 2 evaluation) buttons to evaluate your play.
3 Use the PRACTICE PHRASE button to find the area that is most difficult for you and focus your practice there.
By repeating the above steps, you will soon be on your way to musical proficiency!
3-Step Lesson
Easy-to-follow instructions help make it easy even for novices to play.
Master the timing of melody.
Play at your own pace.
Play at the preset tempo.
Voice Fingering Guide
f the keyboard senses that you are losing your place, Voice Fingering Guide calls out the finger you need to use to play the next note.
*Step 1 and Step 2 only
Pressing the SCORING 1 or SCORING 2 button enters the scoring mode, which uses vocal and on-screen comments to let you know how you are progressing!
Real-time comments as you play your lessons! If you start to lose your way, the keyboard urges you on to help get you back on track.
Displays your total score up this point, and a simulated voice evaluates your play.This feature keeps you informed of when your evaluation level is about to change. The configuration of the stars indicates whether the timing of your play was good or bad.
At the end of the lesson, the keyboard rates your play both vocally and by displaying your point total. It even lets you know where you need more practice, so you can focus your practice where you need it most and improve more quickly.
Display messages and a simulated human voice rates your performances with expressions like "Bravo!" and "Great!"
The keyboard provides vocal and on-screen evaluation of your play for the entire tune.
Pressing the PRACTICE PHRASE button displays the beginning and ending measure numbers of the phrase where your evaluation points were lowest.
50 Song Bank/Sing Along tunes,
50 Piano Bank tunes Comes with Song Book and Lyric Book*
* Due to copyright restrictions, some tunes may not be included in Song Book and Lyric Book.
Large LCD
(Musical Information System)
Button arrangement is designed and engineered for simple, highly intuitive operation.
(1) Advanced 3-Step Lesson System
(2) Pressing a PIANO BANK button immediately switches to a stereosampled piano tone and turns on the Piano Bank tune lesson.
(3) Song/Piano Bank/Rhythm Controller
Pressing a PIANO BANK button immediately switches to a stereo-sampled piano tone and turns on the Piano Bank tune lesson.
255 TONES :
118 panel tones, 128 GM tones, 9 drum sets
Including 20 rhythms for piano play
2 tracks, 2 songs, up to 5,200 notes
24-note polyphony (max.)
16-channel multi-timbre MIDI
GM level 1 compatible
Auto-accompaniment (controllers: intro, normal/fill-in, variation/fill-in, synchro/ending, start/stop)
Size (W x D x H): 944 x 378 x 133mm
Weight: 5.3 kg
Batteries: AA-size x 6
AC adaptor: AD-5
Comes with microphone, song book, and lyric book
EAN code: 4971850312703