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New ZPI Sound Source
(Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation)
Optimized data compression and a polynomial interpolation based waveform playback process combine to produce amazingly clear and realistic sounds. Piano tones are produced using digital samples of two concert grands. Other sounds include saxophone tones that incorporate realistic breath techniques, rich strings, and guitar sounds so realistic you can hear the strings being strummed.
Multiple Digital Effects
The MZ-2000 comes with multiple digital effects : reverb, chorus, and master applied to all parts, plus four DSP channels that can be applied to individual parts.
A set of drawbars provides real organ tone creation capabilities.
Built-in synthesizer capabilities give you the tools you need to mold and tailor sounds into exactly the one you've been looking for. You can use an Easy Synth feature to create a sound quickly and easily, or you can use more advanced tools that give you total control over acoustic parameters.
2-Way Bass-reflex Speaker System
Each speaker includes a high-performance woofer and tweeter. A large-box bass-reflex configuration outputs powerful sounds.
Accompaniment Patterns
The MZ-2000 comes pre-programmed with a wealth of rhythms from around the world. Patterns to back up everything from traditional tunes to the latest pop tunes are included, so you always sound your best, no matter what type of music you choose to play. All of a quality that makes it just like having your own live backup group!
Interactive Accomp
Interactive Accomp analyzes what you are playing and automatically adjusts the accompaniment pattern, just as real live professional backup musicians do!
Pattern Sequencer
You can create a pattern based on a preset pattern or SMF data, convert a pattern created for other keyboards (with some restrictions), or create the pattern you want from scratch. The keyboard also comes with a pattern conversion disk.
MZ-2000 MIDI Implementation
Song Sequencer
A 17-track sequencer includes an Easy Record mode that operates much like the common cassette tape recorder.
The more advanced Multi Track mode provides punch in and step recording, copy and paste, event edit, and other powerful tools for true studio-level song creation capabilities. The Song Sequencer is SMF data compatible (with some limitation).
Song Studio
Song Studio analyzes Standard MIDI File data and creates an accompaniment
pattern that simulates the accompaniment of the original data.
t can also extract chord progressions and display chords, which means you can play along on the keyboard while monitoring the chords on the screen.
Initial Touch/After Touch
In addition to initial touch, the MZ-2000 also includes after touch to determine how the sound should be affected by further keyboard pressure after the initial note is sounded.
Built-in Floppy Disk Drive
In addition to saving data from keyboard memory to disk, you can also play back commercially available Standard MIDI File (SMF) music software.
Control Sliders and Dial Operation
Nine control sliders and a dial make option selection and parameter
adjustments quicker and easier than ever before.
On-screen Help
The press of a button displays help text for the operation you are
• FL-41RP Rock & Pop
• FL-42BB Big Band, Ballroom & Jazz
• FL-43PL Popular Latin
• FL-44UE U.S. & European
• FL-45DM The Dance Mix
• FL-46ON Organ Nostalgia
• FL-47CF Country Fever
For more information about Music Pattern Disks, contact: CASIO CONNECT Steel Close, Eaton Socon, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. PE19 3TT ENGLAND
FAX NO.:+44(0)-1480-470284
E-mail / Web Site
61 full-size keys with touch response (initial/after)
64-note polyphony (max.)
16-channel multi-timbre MIDI
562 tones (487 normal tones, 20 drawbar tones, 15 drum sets, 40 user programmable tones)
Auto-accompaniments (start/stop, intro 1/2, fill-in back/normal/next, break, variation 1/2/3/4, syncro start, syncro stop, rit., fade in/out, ending 1/2)
130 rhythms (120 preset rhythms, 10 user programmable rhythms)
Pattern Sequencer : 8 parts (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 to 5) x 10 patterns, up to 22,000 notes, real-time recording, step recording
Registration memories (8 sets x 8 banks)
One touch presets (480 factory presets, 10 user programmable)
Auto harmonize (12 types)
Mixer function : 31 channels (internal : 14 channels, external : 16 channels, mic/line : 1 channel)
Song Sequencer :17 tracks x 10 songs, up to 40,000 notes, real-time recording, step recording, punch in capabilities
Pitch bend wheel
Modulation wheel
Assignable switch
Size (W x D x H) : 1150 x 425 x 202 mm
Weight : 12.4 kg
EAN code : 4971850312130