About the EXILIM Engine
Snapshot Function
Movie Functions
Image Gallery
Freely configurable manual aperture and shutter speed settings
Quick configuration of four parameters using the EX button
(Image Size, White Balance, ISO Sensitivity, AF Area)
Large-capacity 1/1.8-inch, 8.1-megapixel CCD
8.10 million effective pixels, 8.32 million total
Movie stabilizer
60 minutes* of movie recording on a 1 GB SD memory card**
* Normal mode
**Separately available SD memory card
LED Light for recording in the dark
Use the mode dial to instantly select the snapshot mode, movie mode, or any one of either other modes. Aperture priority AE (A), shutter speed priority AE (S), and other modes help to make original digital imaging more fun.
The 1200 cd/m2* backlight of the monitor screen provides easy reading, even in the bright outdoors. You can configure the camera to adjust screen brightness automatically in accordance with lighting conditions, or you can select one of three fixed brightness levels.

* Set at maximum brightness, measured in center of screen
A LED Light on the front of the camera turns on when available light is dim. This light can be used to help with framing of snapshots and to illuminate the subject for movie recording.
Despite its slim design and large monitor screen, the EX-Z850 delivers truly amazing battery life for a compact digital camera. A single charge provides enough power to record approximately 440 snapshots.
* All images shown here are simulations for explanatory purposes only. Actual images may appear different from those shown here.
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